Chapter Secrets

You know all One Piece chapters have their own little secrets, right? A small pandaman there, the typical secret shirt, but sometimes it goes much deeper. Certains secrets are hidden really really well for only the most crazy fans to uncover. Here you can find plenty of them:

This is a weekly series, and one of my biggest works. Each episode comes out (hopefully) the same day the chapter does, so feel free to check in weekly!

If you wish to share this anywhere, please credit!

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Chapter 800 titleChapter 801 titleChapter 802 titleChapter 803 titleChapter 804 titleChapter 805 titleChapter 806 titleChapter 807 titleChapter 808 title.pngChapter 809 titleChapter 810 title.pngChapter 811 titleChapter 812 titleChapter 813 titleChapter 814 titleChapter 815 title.pngChapter 816 titleChapter 817 title.pngChapter 818 titleChapter 819 title.pngChapter 820 titleChapter 821 titleChapter 822 title.pngChapter 823 titleChapter 824 title.pngChapter 825 1Chapter Secrets 26 titleChapter 827 titleChapter 828 titleChapter 829 title.pngChapter 830 titleChapter 831 titleChapter 832 titleChapter 833 titleChapter 834 title.pngChapter 835 title


839 title


850 title851 title852 title853 title854 title855 title856 title857 title858 title859 title860 titleChapter 861 title.png862 title863 title864 title865 title866 title867 title868 title869 title870 title871 title872 title873 title874 title875 title876 titleTemplate copy

878 title879 title880 title881 title882 title883 title.png884 title885 title886 title887 title.png888 title889 title890 title891 title892 title893 title894 title895 title896 title897 titleChapter Secrets 898Chapter Secrets 899Chapter Secrets 900Chapter Secrets 901Chapter Secrets 902Chapter Secrets 903Chapter Secrets 904Chapter Secrets 905Chapter Secrets 906

One Piece 907 analysisOne Piece 908 analysisOne Piece 909 analysisOne Piece 910 analysisOne Piece 911 analysisOne Piece 912 analysisOne Piece 913 analysisOne Piece 914 analysisOne Piece 915 analysisOne Piece 916 analysisOne Piece 917 analysisOne Piece 918 analysisOne Piece 919 analysisOne Piece 920 analysisOne Piece 921 analysisOne Piece 922 analysisOne Piece 923 analysisOne Piece 924 analysisOne Piece 925 analysisOne Piece 926 analysisOne Piece 927 analysisOne Piece 928 analysisOne Piece 929 analysisOne Piece 930 analysisOne Piece 931 analysisOne Piece 932 analysisOne Piece 933 analysisOne Piece 934 analysisOne Piece 935 analysisOne Piece 936 analysisOne Piece 937 analysisOne Piece 938 analysisOne Piece 939 analysisOne Piece 940 analysisOne Piece 941 analysisOne Piece 942 analysisOne Piece 943 analysisOne Piece 944 analysis

CHAPTER SECRET SPECIALS: Articles that I write on certain occasions about other separate details

Nami's haircut title

Mink title

Nami's past title

Mokomo title

Thriller Bark title

Romance title

Chapter Special 7 title

Chapter Cake title

Chapter Alice title.png

Chapter Purin title

Chapter Armor title.png

Urouge title

Special 13 title.png

Translation Special Title



  1. i always enjoy your work and wait for more, thanks for the hard work and keep going ^__^
    and when will you update the one piece timeline with the new information

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