Chapter Secrets – Chapter 916 in-depth analysis

As summer comes to a close, we head into fall, which is already packed with a ton of stuff! Expect a coverage of the new databook in the coming week. But for now, let’s start chapter secrets!

Chapter Secrets 916 1Chapter Secrets 916 2Chapter Secrets 916 3Chapter Secrets 916 4Chapter Secrets 916 5Chapter Secrets 916 6Chapter Secrets 916 7Chapter Secrets 916 8

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  1. I continue to see a plan beyond Hawkins acting..we will see! And what about the last panel of Holdem, shouldn’t Oda have drawn the lion arms?


  2. Hello, you probably just missed it but, a better translation for “Luffy-no-umi” would be “Luffy of the sea”. because the same clause is used that way in English.

    PS: Thanks for your weekly content. I love reading through them.


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