Chapter Secrets – Chapter 935 in-depth analysis

This was quite an odd chapter, but one I found deeply enjoyable to analyze. I’m definitely starting to take a lot more of a liking to Queen. By the way, stay tuned tomorrow because the new Vivre Card information will be posted by then!

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  1. Great review!

    Luffy is training to be more resistent to sea stone. Because Kaidos club is made of sea stone and it makes sense why Luffy got punctured like a balloon. Otherwire the attack would have bounced off.

    Strange, you mentioned about king haki here. I have been waiting for luffy to have his ultimate awekening in this arc. Not his DF-awakening but kings haki.

    Kings haki is the only explanation that makes sense why BIG MOM is so strong. When she used kings haki back at the wedding, everyone was helpless againt it. Even Luffy and Katakuri was covering thier ears. Rayliegh used kings haki but nobody was covering thier ears. Nobody is covering thier ears when Luffy uses this power. What is so strang about BIG MOM?

    There is an awakening to kings haki that allows the user to be SCARY even fo someone like Kizaru, an admiral. He said in marinford that Luffy has a scary power deep within him. He may awaken it somehow. Then Luffy would be a yonko level. He might put a good fight against Kaido, not defeat him but inflict some injuries on him.

    That would be really hype.


  2. Good job, as always… Just want to share some thoughts about Queen, Komurasaki and Kyoshiro…

    As we know there is a relation between Kyoshiro and Queen, because the boss of Yakuza ask Queen for some “Killers” to kill Sanji due to the mess he have done with the Yakuza at the Soba tent… in my opinion, the main key of this relation is Komurasaki cause as showed in the last chapter Queen have a crush in her, and as mentioned before she comes from Kyoshiro’s brothel…


  3. Like I said in the forum thread. I think O-Tama may use her powers on another Smile User and we could see her use her powers on Solitaire. Given O-Tama knows how powerful and OP her fruit is? She may try to capture her just for info and junk. lol


  4. thanks for explaining the Octopuses. I thought it just for comedic purposes only. great job to Oda for combining fan service and tribute to a legendary painting.
    I begin to like Queen too. not just his funny design, but also his goofy character. he can become possible ally for straw hat. silly ally, just like buggy and bon clay 😀

    about Zoro, I wonder what kind of role he has in this Wano arc. he always been solo since the beginning. and mysteriously “evading” everyone else, especially Sanji. if I remember correctly, Zoro and Sanji haven’t been met since Dressrosa? that was more than 5 years ago. yikes…


  5. The executive tower reminds of the tower in the guardians of the galaxy prison. Where’s Groot when you need him.


  6. I imagine that Luffytarou means that he can’t use Observation Haki or Armament Haki. I didn’t see the seastone affecting the Conqueror Haki, because they mentioned about the amazing will power and capable to move, so the prision will be a training to the Conqueror Haki. I wonder if Conqueror Haki is like a passive hability always active and Observation and Armament Haki are active habilities and have to be activated… I mean, makes sense to me…


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