Chapter Secrets – Chapter 925 in-depth analysis

Yarr, me hearties! This chapter is filled with so many mindblowing things, from pirate references, to insane reveals and fascinating designs! Let’s get down to breaking it down! Yarr!!

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  1. Thanks for the review, Arthur. Great job as usual.

    I’d like to read/what (in youtube maybe) a nice Kabuki play. Do you have a recommendation about it?

    About Queen and King, actually when I read the chapter it was Queen who gave me the BSDM vibe, because it seems he’s playing with some pieces of Kid’s arm.

    King is a mix between Pica and Gladius.

    It’s a shame Oda offpanel great battles, like Law vs Fuji vs Dofly… But I guess it’d be hard to draw all of that.


  2. Hey, do you think it will end up being revealed who the lady with the shamisen is? or do you think she’s just a literary device


  3. It’s a long shot but I could accept that BigMom and Kaido have 6 sons, and each one keep three after parting ways. Also, that random pirate next to Blackbeard looks like Smee, from Peter Pan.

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      • Jack has sharp teeth because he is a fishman or half fishman. There is no other way for him to breath under water. So he can not be Kaido x Big Mom son


      • Hmm, i always thought Jack is a Fishman, when they showed him in the Ocean after being hit by zou, because of his teeth and so. thats why he could survive under Water altough being a DF user


  4. Hey, great piece. I just wanted to add that there is actually a use of the word/sound “Ha” in actual shamisen music. I’m not the biggest expert on it, but it seems to be used for timing purposes; as in, timing the beginning of or parts of the song. This coincides with your analysis. Cheers!


  5. Blackbeard always had a terrible fashion sense when it came to trousers, didn’t he?

    It’s great to see Moria’s more human side and I’m interested in what direction his character will take. IIRC this is the first crewmate he’s lost since Kaido wiped out his original crew so while it may seem like a stretch, will he find a new “white whale” in Blackbeard after Kaido is taken down?


    • Yes they are useless. Most of the original Shichibukai just kept being replaced anyway. We need to see what happens when they’re pirates again. Hancock, Mihawk, Buggy, Weevil… who were the others I forget, we need to see consequences of the abolition of the Shichibukai.

      It would be stupid to being hyped by Fujitora about such thing and also learn Vegapunk had a better idea in mind than keeping the Shichibukai.


  6. I think that, that first sight of Absa was really obvious that wasnt him, I knew it since the starrt that was something wrong; if it was really him,

    1. Oda would give him a Box, Absa isnt Pandaman or Sarkis, after all he said of him in SBSs and foreshadows…

    2. Absa was a shy guy, two years ago he blush everytime around Nami, the rest of girls in Thriller Bark were Rhino Lola, other ugly zombies animals, Perona and Z-Cindy (were like family so doesnt count) and he didnt treat Robin so… Back to the point, when “he” speak to Moria, “he ” was surrounded of beautifull pirates chicks, JUMM

    Oda hits us hard right in the face even after confirm his dead 😦


  7. This was one of the BEST chapters of this year,

    1. The comeback of Moria was something expected, but was really unexpected that it happened right now,
    2. I feel sorry for him, and even if its Moria, its kindda sad whats happening to him in the New Wolrd against a Yonkou, AGAIN.
    3. The fact that he´s looking and facing a Yonko for the sake of a nakama of him, really show us that he is a good CAp after all, Im sad again…
    4. Perona´s hype at the beginning was so cute and adorable, but now Moria is facing at least 3 over powered Yonkou commander and she doesnt know nothing, Im Crying… (btw Perona Best Girl Ever)
    5. Absalom´s dead cracks me up, he wasnt thta bad u know? he just wanted love, keep crying…
    6. This intro was THE PERFECT WAY to show us how cruel, sadist, careless AND POWERFUL are these guys, toying a former Shichi like nothing: THE BLACKBEARD PIRATES.
    7. Invisible Shiliew and Kyubii Catarina????? CANT WAIT TO SEE BURGUESS AND AUGUR POWERS, HYPE ON
    8. Teach intro, Teach looks, Teach bounty, Teach cruelsome, Teach crew, TEACH.
    9. Ahhh, and Teach Intel (since the foreshadow of the Army comanders was right on top of him, makes me wonder, if he know who they are, and how they met) (and who tell him the RA attack? RA vs WG was something that didnt apeared on the News, since its safe to say that Mihawk was reading it and doesnt seems to know…)
    10. HUGE EVENT FORESHADOW, wonders if its the same foreshadowed when the Straw Hat Fleet was formed.
    11. Whats gonna be the fate of our Gekko? I think this inst going to be easy to predict :s
    12. Wonders who is stronger, AShura or Inu since both were pair agaisnt Jack? Worry not, Oda clash them out ()LOVE FOR ODA AT MAX)
    13. The calamities are bros? one of them is clearly a Cyborg Okama? WAOH
    14. No Strawhats this cap? cant remember.
    15. First chapter ever, where Mihawk appears and wasnt my Focus or even important, besides for some fanfics of Perona x Mihawk (grotesque, since Im #teamZorona and #teamBoahawk)

    Note: dont get it the last conversation between the calamities bros, read it twice and nothing, its seems to me that there are more than 3 people talking 😦 (the bubbles qith double mark near Queen, looks like its someone else on a Mushi or a Speaker, really confusing)


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  8. Hey Arthur, huge fan of your reviews. I was wondering about the glasses that Blackbeard is sporting. Some guy on Mangastream commented that they resembled those of Aokiji a lot and i have to agree with him. Not sure what it means that Blackbeard seems to have them now, but it’s definately a detail worth mentioning imo and i was curious why you didn’t comment on it.


  9. thanks as always for your excellent analysis. I nearly forgot that we haven’t met or heard about Moria for 8 years!
    feels like yesterday… 😀

    this might be a minor thing. but what do you think about the lady who plays shamisen? is she just a minor character which unrelated to the story or important character who have big role in this Wano Arc? like Hiyori(?)


  10. King, Queen, Jack are not real brothers. In Asia, elder/older brother is a sign of respect and proper way to address an older male figure. Also…. Blackbeard with Aokiji’s sunglasses? cough


  11. dude do u remember chapter 631 the cover page rom the decks of the world vol. 16 “Twin Cape” ?? we know crocus was the doctor on roger´s ship and we also know that oden and all his pals know roger´s crew. i think for a lot in the dudes that appears in oden castle that were kneel before oden’s wife that the one with the hat is the same that was with crocus. ¿u know more about it?


  12. I’m really fascinated by how Oda does magic tricks with the numbers of the chapters, is there a place where It’s listed all of this awesomeness?


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