Chapter Secrets – Chapter 946 in-depth analysis

Even though we got another short chapter this week, what an exciting chapter! To defeat a Queen, it takes an emperor!

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  1. Nice work as always
    Oh i didn’t noticed BM also use steam haki (is that how we call it? Well i do now.) I did remember how Ray did it tho if i remember right we didn’t see it in detail like we see in this chapter. I thought Ray use some sort of invisible key to unlock and throw it away. But actually it tear apart by force. Interesting.
    Because i think it means Luffy actually have the base stats to match a yonkou but lack only haki techniques. I’m not saying he’s as strong as BM or as durable as Kaidou but at least he’s more of a yonkou calibre now which i wouldn’t say he’s an equal match for a ynokou before this arc even with future sight.


  2. A chapter full of action and comedy………my fav..genre.

    Luffy as he ripped those collars reminds me of Sabos dragon claw. could it be the same? the same strong grip..

    Anyway, the way Big Mom is right now (without DF or haki) Luffy might overcome her. because she is just another monster with extremly high physicle prowess, like those beasts in Ruskaina.

    No break next week….yaaaay!


  3. Hahaha love the first panel
    especially since that dude posted on the reddit this week the admirals are on par with the yonko, hes high as balls. Thats ridiculous.. she just manhandled a commander like it was a red shirted mook.
    Love your analysis, i feel like once he gets to that size hed be dealing with the square cube law hahaha


    • Oh, and even though we knew hed end up doing the same thing as Rayleigh, it doesnt make it ANY LESS AWESOME hahaha


      • Good job as always! Thanks for all the excellent analysis over the years! I do wanna point out tho if the height doubles the volume and mass will increase by 4 times. Thus the weight of Queen should be shockingly 5 times of a normal brachiosaurus!

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    • Oh, and even though we knew hed end up doing the same thing as Rayleigh, it doesnt make it ANY LESS AWESOME hahaha


  4. Don’t you think both Big Mom and Kaido are always surrounded by Haki, like they are using Rayleigh’s move with their whole bodies at all times? That would explain why Kaido can’t kill himself and why Big Mom can only be hurt when she has a mental breakdown (remember Brook’s sword couldn’t touch her skin). That’s probably why Luffy needs to learn Rayleigh’s move: you can only pierce through haki by concentrating haki in one point.


  5. Kaido has tough (indestructible) scals because of his DF, Big Mom on the other hand i don´t know (my geuse is that her indestructibility has something to do with kings haki, not armament haki, maybe she is a user of an AWAKEN kings haki). Big Mom was taking down giants as a child and that kind of power is an innate ability just like kings haki. Scary right?

    When Luffy used kings haki in marinford. Kizaru says that there is a hidden scary power inside Luffy. Maybe he was talking about the indestructibility of kings haki or maybe some other scary power. From what we have seen of Luffys kings haki. it is NOT scary to someone like Kizaru, not in the least. So he was most definitely talking about something that we have not seen YET from Luffy.


  6. Could someone explain how Luffy got his own collar off? Did he break Hyu’s collar with one hand and his own with the other?


  7. great stuff, keep up the good work! I hope they release the actual sizes of big mom, kaido and his calamities soon.


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