Chapter Secrets – Chapter 922 in-depth analysis

Kaido is quite an imposing beast, I wasn’t the fondest on his original reveal, but his design is starting to grow on me. Anyways, let’s get started!

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  1. Something interesting to note is the place that Luffy chose to attack. Tekking101 did a video about Kaido’s Dragon Form and found that in mythology surrounding Eastern dragons, there is typically a lump at the top of a dragon’s head. If that lump is hit or damaged, the dragon will no longer be able to fly. Perhaps this will serve as an early nerf to Kaido (to prevent him from causing more damage and giving the Heart-Strawhat alliance some time to regroup). I don’t see a lump on Kaido’s head, but it might still happen.

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  2. Luffy didn’t look for trouble though, so I don’t know I would call him reckless. He responded when O-Tama is kidnapped, which fit his personality. No one can touch my friend.


    • Zoro warned him not to cause a scene with Holdem, but he still went ahead to do a KO punch. He could have easily took Tama away with his speed and run with Zoro.


  3. The cover page remind me…Where the hell is drake anyway? Isn’t he go after Kaidou? Am i remember wrong? What about Moria? This arc has indeed a lot to cover.


    • Drake became a subordinate of Kaido, even after Hawkins and Apoo.
      He attacked a Kaido’s island to gain his attention and join his crew.
      In Karibo’s story cover he is already a Kaido’s subordinate.


      • Well I think he knows that haha, that’s why he’s asking where he is, because we haven’t seen him among Kaidos men, last time we saw him was after Doffy lost and it cut to his reaction reading the paper and they ask about his dad since Doffy killed him, but hasn’t been in the arc at all
        He’s not just randomly asking where is Drake in general, hes asking because he knows he’s with Kaido


      • Well, he knows that haha, that’s exactly why he’s asking why we haven’t seen him among Kaidos men, he wasn’t just asking where Drake was in general
        Last we saw him was him reacting to Doffys defeat since he killed his dad
        The guy obviously knows drake is one of Kaidos men

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  4. I dont think Luffy is reckless as many people pit him to be. Lets look at things from his perspective, Kaido just destroyed Oden castle where his crew was. What is he supposed to do? In his eyes prolly they are dead. If i was the captain thats how i would react.


  5. Hi and thank again, Arthur. In the last page there’s a small panel about Kaido’s eyes gone (like rolling of the eyes). Doesn’t that mean he has fainted? Obviously not from Luffy’s punch but from Lubffy’s punch plus the heavy drunk condition.


  6. I think kaido is gonna beat Luffy for now and he is gonna put him in the same prison Kidd is , so Kidd will join the luffy-law alliance and the three of them are gonna beat kaido


  7. how does this sound? kaido was drunk and luffy used a medium level attack on kaido at his weakest point which was probably recognised through coo haki and that either surprised him or hurt him.


  8. Arthur believes that Luffy acted emotionally, many criticize that side of him and I support him. I know it was Luffy’s irresponsibility, but I confess that no matter how upset I was, I would not have reacted like that.
    There are some points I want to put with you.
    1- First it was a lot of pretense of Luffy to believe that alone was able to hit the Kaidou, everyone knows that it is impossible.
    2 – Put Kin’emon’s plans at risk and all his nakamas.
    3- The ideal would really be to flee and await reinforcements to attack Kaidou.
    I’m from Pedro Leopoldo Minas Gerais interior of Brazil.


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