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Welcome to The Library of Ohara, a website about One Piece knowledge! This site hosts a ton of One Piece content as well as encyclopedias and recollections of information about the beautiful world of One Piece! My name is Artur, though feel free to call me Arthur or Ohara if you want!

Feel free to check anything from the topmost sidebar to be guided to all of my content!

OroJackson: https://orojackson.com/members/artur.9411/

Reddit: /u/OharaLibrarianArtur

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbPNYQcJKpSERQZWA9BOqA

Thank you for all the support!

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  1. Hey Arthur,

    at first: Thank you for your great work!

    Your theory about Jewelry Bonney and Kuma (youtube video from 6.19.2018) sounds really realistic. But I think Bonney also has something to do with Ace and his mother Portgas D. Rouge.

    Portgas D. Rouge had a supernaturally long pregnancy with Ace (20 months) so as not to be killed by the World Government.

    Is it unthinkable that Bonney artificially extended the pregnancy of Portgas D. Rouge with the help of her devil fruit?

    Interestingly, we know that Portgas D. Rouge spent some time in the South Blue – just like Bonney!

    What do you think about that? Maybe her relationship with Kuma and with Ace or his mother Portgas D. rouge are true.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. Hi Artur, my name is Vinicius and I’m talking about Pedro Leopoldo Minas Gerais Brazil. For you to see how your work has gone far. I have accompanied your work through the former onipiece a Brazilian website. I’m talking google translator because I do not know English well. The teaching here of English is very weak. Thanks for the great work.

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    • Salut Arthur moi c’est aldo le français je suis avec beaucoup d attention ton travail est je t’en remercie seul bémol les fiche que tu publie ne sont pas traduite en français serrait’il possible d avoir une traduction pour que je puisse transmettre au français ton travail merci


  3. Hi. I just want to say that I love your website about One Piece. Also, I want to inform you that the booster pack Masters of the East Blue and Gathering! “Supernovas”! are now out. Thanks.


  4. Hello, Arthur! I know you’re a very busy person (the work you’ve put into this awesome site says it all), but whenever you have the time could you translate the Vivre Cards of Brook, Franky, and Robin? Really interested in what their cards say. Thanks.


  5. Hello Arthur, thanks for your great job! Many people like your job, and i hope you never stops to write articles aboute One Piece, I just love it! thank you a lot!

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  6. Hi Arthur,

    I’m impressed by your works. Currently I’m starting to build a website to promote peaceful understanding among world citizen perhaps just like what Oda sensei wish for.

    For me One Piece is a bible of peace and humanity so I interpret its idea to the real life. Please visit our page if you have a time (Indonesian only unfortunately for this time).


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