Chapter Secrets – Chapter 948 in-depth analysis

I got my laptop back! And there’s so many references to talk about in this chapter, particularly with Kawamatsu and Kikunojou! Let’s get started!

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Next week is break, but don’t worry as in the upcoming days you can expect the Vol. 93 SBS, the Vivre Cards and even a big update in the coming week, so look forward to that!





  1. Kawamatsu hat looked awfully similiar with the one on Cover Story ch 631 vol 16 where someone and Crocus are sharing a drink at Twin Cape Bay


      • Hahaha before I saw your comment I was about to say the same thing
        Like yeah..that was only a few months ago, he was locked up.

        What I am surprised by on this reread is you still guessing he’s a mink? I mean water creature, webbed fingers, was fishman just not on your radar at all? The minks are all mammals. I know, it’s Wano, but the minks aren’t native either


  2. if kawamatsu is really minks tribe, i think he is look like as platypus minks. but i prefer kawamatsu is fishman tribe than minks


    • Kappa (河童) is a Japanese spelling of the name Kappa (literally “river child”).
      ​​The Japanese variety of water. Their appearance is very specific — something between a frog and a turtle: frog skin, instead of a nose — a beak, fingers and toes are connected by swimming webs, short hair on the head. Sometimes portrayed with a turtle-like shell on the back. It was expected that the Oda often referring to various gods, creatures, legends, added to the plot of the popular character of Japanese folklore, not forgetting the love of Kappa to sumo.


  3. can I just say this back in 920 in a flash back and that person in the yasue flash back looked nothing like kiku and also shes implied to be younger than kinemon and the other since hes her sensei also kawamatsu briefly mentioned the appearance hasn’t changed a bit and if that was case and she went around without the mask people would have noticed and they still refer to her as kiku despite them knowing the name also isn’t it funny how when she becomes a man she is known as kikojono not becoming a woman but a man in a sense im just saying oda might be doing the reverse


  4. I like that you used female pronouns when talking about O-Kiku even with the reveal in the current chapter, since her comment about “being a woman at heart” would imply that Kiku is actually transgender 🙂


  5. Kawamata not mink and not fishman. Kappa is a Japanese type of water, the common appearance of which is something between a frog and a turtle, a beak instead of a nose, webs between fingers and other features of the Kappa. Oda refers often to the gods, the legends, of mythical creatures and predictable, adding to the plot is someone is popular in Japanese folklore, not forgetting the love Kappa to sumo.


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