Chapter Secrets – Chapter 905

Wew… what a chapter… this is easily my longest Chapter Secrets so far, it’s sixteen pages long! Grab something and get ready, because we are taking a trip through the wonderful world of One Piece!

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  1. As someone else pointed out, that bit Ham Burger said about not turning back was a quote by Abraham Lincoln. Also, just out of curiosity, where are you from, dude? Thanks for the awesome post


  2. First of all, I really want to tell you that I like your blog A LOT, it’s full of secrets and details that I find amazing, kudos to you.

    Don’t you think Shirahoshi refers to the promise Luffy made her? He told her he’d show her a real forest. Although it’s nice to think about the stories Otohime told her, too.

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    • Thanks!

      Yes, but the promise was based on what Otohime told her. Otohime always told Shirahoshi of the real forests in the world above, so Luffy promised her to take her to an actual forest out there


  3. belo betty stay at kamabakka kingdom. you can see her having a chat with koala on the same scene koala appear


  4. Isn’t the “tajine” more of a berber/maghreb dish than arabic as in “arabic peninsula” ? Comes from Maghreb and then eventually Morocco, hence Mororon ?


  5. Nice work. I enoyed reading. Here are some contributions.

    When I was reading, I thought the slow walk of Ham Burg could be a reference to slow motion, as an extend of the Hollywood reference (and maybe the sequence could relate to rewinding the movie).

    About the Orlumbus story, it is worth mentioning the simetry of all his stuff. Also, the fact that he may help Nami accomplish her dream (as she is not travelling throught all the islands).

    At least, some people are saying that the strong wind could be a reference to Dragon, what makes sense in the general picture.
    (Sorry about any mispeling).


  6. For the Mororon part , it’s a combo of 3 countries (Tunisia / Algeria / Maroc ) but it feels more towards Maroc ?

    This about Wine in North Africa :

    The Tajine part :

    also it isn’t french touch added cause the culture of Algeria/Tunisia is influenced a lot by French …

    and i think the Kaftan is inspired off of this one design :

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  7. Concerning “Mororon” and her kingdom “Tagine” simply indicates the Empire of Morocco. Tagine is an Amazigh (Moroccan) dish served daily especially for lunch and dinner, not an Arabic one or French at all since Morocco exists in Tamazgha (Barbary), not in Arabia. The dress worn by Mororon is a traditional Moroccan outfit that appeared at least in the 12th century during Almohads reign, limited to Moroccan women nowadays after it used to be worn by Moroccan men. Morocco is the English term for Murakuc ⵎⵓⵔⴰⴽⵓⵛ (= Land of God Akuc in the language of Moroccans and other Amazigh neighboring states, Tamazight) like all other Romance languages call it.
    You guys are so ignorant of Morocco, sadly!


  8. If the RA’s true goal is to get rid of just the Tennryubito then why are they causing uprisings in countless nations? Plus how do they think the Marines and other members of the World Government won’t attack them after accomplishing that goal and with a bunch of low leveled fighters?


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