Chapter Secrets – Chapter 911 in-depth analysis

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With that said, let us start this Chapter Secrets as we venture deep inside Wano!

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  1. I just recognized the sheath for the Tengu’s sword has circles split in halves on it. It reminded me of Shusui’s sheath, which has circles split into thirds on it. Maybe the divisions of circles are meant to classify the swords, or maybe each of the 4 provinces of Wano have a different symbol (like province 1 is a circle, province 2 has a circle divided in 2, and so on). Also, the baboon’s sheath has circles divided into fourths, so maybe the Kouzuki’s province (Kuri) is “province 2”, the province the baboon (and probably Hawkins and/or Kaido) is from/in control of is “province 4”, and the province where Ryuma was from way back then would be “province 3”.
    P.S. Your chapter secrets are legendary and they’re the first things I go to after reading a new chapter. Keep up the insanely good work!

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  2. awsome , thanks for the hard work as always i enjoy it after the chapter hhhhhh
    just want to say that when momo said that he meet roger when he was 4 years old or so but he don’t remember, well i think he meet ace and though that he is roger (cuz he is the son of course). well will see in the futur.
    and maaaan just when i was healed from ace death here we go againn, my heartttttt, the flashbacks and feelings are coming .
    by the way when i was wondring in the net i meet this: . it’s a story about gol.d.roger little brother ‘rogen’, well i didn’t read it i don’t read novel so i thought about telling you.
    waiting for our next work


  3. Awesome as always.

    My take on the bready looking brown things coming out of Luffy’s bag and on the floor in the color spread: paper wrapped burgers!

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    • Exactly. It’s a joke from Momotaro because he befriended the animals with Kibi dango. In Doraemon there’s “Momotaro’s Kibidango” item that let’s you befriend any animal that eats it. So her power is being able to produce Kibi dango to make friends.


      • Also, the Tanuki with the pot, or half transformed into a pot should be a reference to another japanese tale, “Bunbuku Chagama”. This one is about a poor man that rescues a Tanuki that transforms into a tea kettle to thank him.


  4. Incredible work as always, i’ve started following your chapter secrets since the special at the beggining of reverie and i got to say, reading one piece every weak was already a blast, now it’s even more amazing! Really thanks for the great work! I got to ask, do you intend to make a special chapter secrets for everything we need to know before the wano arc, like reverie and whole cake island? I’m looking forward to that!


  5. I believe that the Tengu’s sword hilt decoration is supposed to resemble a feather/leaf fan, as there are Tengu pics where they hold one.


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