Chapter Secrets – Chapter 909 in-depth analysis

Man. practically 15 hours of work back to back resulting in 18 pages of analysis, the longest I’ve ever done. I’ve slept barely three hours tonight and I can hardly stand, but alas it is complete! Wano is simply so packed full of references that it’s filled to the brim with details and Japanese folklore! So let’s go together thorugh the beauties of the Country of Wano!

Chapter Secrets 909 1Chapter Secrets 909 2Chapter Secrets 909 3Chapter Secrets 909 4Chapter Secrets 909 5

(Note: If you have issues with the following text, please check this version:

Now, with that out of the way, let us immerse ourselves into the atmosphere and the true meat of the chapter. Play this up and lose yourself in the beautiful Wano Country:

Chapter Secrets 909 6Chapter Secrets 909 7Chapter Secrets 909 8Chapter Secrets 909 9Chapter Secrets 909 - 10Chapter Secrets 909 11Chapter Secrets 909 12Chapter Secrets 909 13

If you’re interested, here’s a live performance of selling toad oil fully in English:

Chapter Secrets 909 14Chapter Secrets 909 15Chapter Secrets 909 16Chapter Secrets 909 17Chapter Secrets 908 18

Wew and that is all! I apologize if the different font might’ve been slightly harder to read, but I really wanted to do this for the Wano reveal. Let’s hope next week we go back to the Reverie though, I feel there’s still a lot we need to see from that, even though I’m currently loving Wano!

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  1. You da man!! Awesome work! Btw from the way Zoro sliced his sword, don’t you think he used the back of the blade?


    • regarding the eye cool theory miglè he might have used a special haki to read his opponent

      however regarding the kitchen knife have you forgotten how mihawk defeated zorro with a knife the size of his finger? zorro could slice 10 buildings with a kitchen knife in a single slash without any special power


  2. First things first, you outdid yourself man, that was simply majestic.
    And now the other thing:
    Am I the only one who thinks that it’s a little bit weird that Oda chose not show Zoro’s eye both before and during the slash attack? It’s almost like there’s something up with it…
    At first we see Zoro lift up the Seppuku blade in a way that covers his eye and hides it from the reader, while at the same time he says: “You smell like blood… you’re… the culprit, aren’t you?”
    To which the magistrate reacts surprised (as we can tell by the lines above his head). Now you can say that he was just reacting to Zoro’s words, but I think that he was reacting to something else. Like Zoro opening his eye, for example, that would be pretty surprising.
    And then during the actual attack his eyes were covered by shadows, so we couldn’t see them again.
    Then after the attack when we finally get to see Zoro’s eye (it’s closed, by the way), Zoro appears to be sweating buckets almost like he had just used a power that was difficult to control.
    Now. Zoro cutting a building in half isn’t anything new, hell, right after the time-skip we saw him cut an entire ship in half.
    But I don’t think he could to it with a kitchen knife (the Seppuku blade is basically a kitchen knife).
    I think he’d need to unlock some extra power to be able to replicate that attack with a kitchen knife.
    And that’s where eye comes in. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it does, but something is up with that eye, man. Something is definitely not right here.


  3. amazing as always , from the first time i found you i start to look closely to evey page of a chapter just to remarque things but you always show me that i didn’t see at all hhhhhh
    thanks for the hard work , looking for more

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  4. Wow, you really outdid yourself with this one! I studied Japanese in college and I didn’t even know the history behind the verb “gozaru”. And you made this so fast!!

    I too hope we have more Reverie but if there’s one thing I’ll accept moving on to it’s WANO! Savior Oda’s presentation was just perfect, from the play like opening and shamisen to the reveal of the disguised Strawhats and Zoro. The little knife he used reminded me of Mihawk, too.

    Thanks for your hard work, you’ve earned a rest!

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  5. As always a nicely done work describing this chapter. Really thanks for that! But plis, don’t use this tipo again…was the hardest secret do read Y.Y


  6. Hello, I just wanted to say I love your work… and tell something about Usopp’s fake name, Usohachi. There is a word in japanese “Usoppachi” that is used when you want to emphasize a lie. if uso = lie. Usoppachi = Big Lie/Outrageous Lie. Hachi and Pachi use the same hiragana (for the “p” sound a maru, a little circle is added.)

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  7. Woah, it’s okah artur 😂😂 but it surprisingly when you trying us to getting closer with Wano arc include sound fx with it and more surprisingly you’ve change that font to trying similarly with Janpanese font it self.. You do some good work dude 😄😄 keep up artur-dono 😄😄😄

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  8. When you say it can be the year for the swordman, I can agree with you. Because the last arc is for the year of the chef (Sanji, of course). When we saw Whole Cake Island arc is full of beverage and Sanji is the one who saved all from the Big Mom rages with his cake

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  9. This is amazing as always.

    One thing though, I know you want to emphasize the Japanese feel of this Wano chapter. But I think you should use the regular font for that part. The “Japan-like” font is really hard on eyes. And, getting worst on phone.

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  10. This has surpassed your already most-admirable previous works. Thank you really a lot… after 19 years following OP, your stubborness, surely packed with genius and passion, is multiplying my fandom for this unsurpassed series. ivano

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  11. A really good job just as always, Arthur. By the way, it seems that Usohachi has Zorojuro’s other two blades, and that is strange. I believe that it is the second time a Staw Hat has hold Zorojuro’s swords being the first one Choniki, backup in Water Seven.

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  12. Haha I wonder if WBs home island being Swiss based and having to offer up the tribute is a weird reversal of real life Switzerland storing Nazi gold haha, just an exploitative instead of complicit tie to the evil ruling power


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