Chapter Secrets – Chapter 928 in-depth analysis

It’s that time of the year again, so you know what that means: Obligatory santa hats on every character. Yep, Merry Christmas!

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A real Oiran procession, for anyone interested:

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  1. What if Caribou is the one to defeat Kaido? He like, just sinks him into the sand, and Kaido suffocates or something. And then Wano Kuni is just over, and everybody just goes home xd


  2. You missed out on pointing out that, now that we have a clear look at her, we can confirm Komurasaki is the koto player from the start of the arc.


  3. as always Artur-dono; you never fail to deliver an amazing analysis; and yeah it seems she was doing this all along to get close to Orochi to slay him when he’s off-guard or something like that, because even if she’s, as you have said, been corrupted, the fact that she”s a Kozuki and the way Oda paints the bloodline as noble and whatnot corroborates the aformentioned assumption; but again this is Oda sensei we’re talking about here ! and I just remembered : yosaku and Jhonny ! LoL 🙂


  4. How long till people here realize the metal arm in Captain Kidd was gathered and maintained by his akima no mi ability? He can’t keep that arm without his powers.


  5. Always a good review, you do a great job !!

    I have one question, where do you find the jump cover, i dont find it.

    I want to buy this jump to have the poster, is it possible to find it now or when will it sale ?


  6. The cover only says Iro—-r not Iron—r

    also my best guess is that it means Iron Star, as his shirt also says Iron, on a star.


  7. Kaido has unreal defense, I think hes defense comes from kings haki just like Big Moms and he has dragon defenses on top of that and that puts him in another level. An awakened version or next level of kings haki, remember color of kings haki is the least useful color in a combat and most mysteriouse color among all three types.
    Wait, what if we have seen an awakened version of kings haki and we did not realised it, and it is not that mysteriouse as we think it is. I am talking about Big Mom, she is pretty nuch invincible, I dont think she trained herself to be where she is at right now, she was strong even when she was a little child, she could take down giants as a child. how could she, well, kings haki is awakened when your will is really stong, I mean really STRONG, when Big Mom wants shimla there is no stopping her, her will to get shimla is unreal.
    Luffys will is also unreal when it comes to saving his friends and that will allow Luffy to awaken this ability in order to save his friends. He is gonna awaken this ability in Wano. An arc that supasses Marinford, remember Odas qoutes?
    Luffy will awaken this next level of haki to breach Kaidos defenses and damage him, not defeat him cause Big Mom has this awakened kings too and even to her Kaido is a THING..
    Luffys gear 4th did not work on Kaido because Kaidos defenses are based on devilfruit and KINGS HAKI, mostly on kings haki, not armament. Kings haki offers the user unreal defenses. So he does not need to use armament.

    Oda showed us what kings haki is capable of, Big Mom is an awakened kings haki user. ” If Lola had married I would have became KING OF THE PIRATES BY NOW”.
    Not queens haki but kings haki, same logic not queen of pirates but king of pirates.

    Pay close attention that these Yonkos are awakened kings haki user exept for Black Beard.
    Kings haki is an innate talent that relates to the spirit of the user itself (Rayliegh explained this to us), the stronger the will the stronger kings haki. Luffys body gives up long before his will does. It´s been shown times and times again. now imagin if his body could keep up with his will. There is no telling how high he could go.

    Also luffy got one shoted because of Kaido CLUB. remember Luffy got deflated on the spot and forced out of gear 4th. Luffys gum gum fruit is imune to physicle attacks and Kaido did not use armament. The only logical explaination is that Luffy got hit by a spiky club made out sea stone. Otherwise Luffy should been flying away as he´s being hit. Like how a boll flys away when you hit it with a club.

    King haki is the only answer i can think of that puts Luffy on a yonko level. I don´t think that gear 5th of awakening will be the answer. Every chapter I read I am become more sure on this conclosion.
    What do you guys think, please let me know if this makes any sense at all?


    • Haha I always had the same thoughts about kings as you did here
      But now from the future how stoked were you that not only did Zoro finally awaken it, but Luffy did develop it into combat to equip attacks & it is what Kaido/Roger/mom/WB/Oden all use


  8. Great analysis.
    Guys, we need talk about luffy’s muscle bulk. Wtf?
    Heavy training in Udon is not a theory after all!


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