Here you have any sort of miscellaneous content that doesn’t really fall under anything else, simply stuff that I come up with from time to time!

Miscellaneous Articles:

Content, guides and other things that don’t really fit under other categories. They are the pure definition of miscellaneous!

Chapter Parodies:

Through the power of editing, I can rearrange chapter panels to provide either interesting new scenarios or complete parodies of certain chapters meant to amuse and surprise readers. Some of these aren’t very serious so just lay back and enjoy!

The One Piece Atlas:

This is a project I worked on long, looooong ago. In that regard, it’s incredibly primitive and outdated, but in case you are still curious about how my work used to be, you can give it a look. It was essentially meant to be a collection of information on One Piece islands and locations in the style of an Atlas, but the sheer size of the project kept it from going that much farther than East Blue.

Chapter Secrets Specials:

These are specials that I work on from time to time, differing from usual Chapter Secrets for centering on a single topic/being more brief and focused! Some of these are old, but give them a look if you fancy:

One Piece Paneling
Momo who lept through time
Wao pt 2
Kyoshiro's idetity