Chapter Secrets – Chapter 887

Hello everyone! Before we start, there’s something I’d like to address: this is something I’ve been suggested to do for quite a long time, I’ve received a lot of requests and suggestions over the months asking if there was a way to support me monetarily. It’s definitely something that has been on my mind for quite some time, I was unsure about if I should ever go with this, since the main aim of my content is for it to be free, this is for me first and foremost something I do out of passion and fun. I also don’t like feeling like a liability to someone else, so I wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to open this avenue.

But after discussing about it with others and thinking about it for some time, I decided to go with it, but under one condition: this platform will exist only as a way for those that wish to support to be given the option. I’ve decided not to include any rewards or payed content with Patreon so that you can be your own judge on how much you wish to support me, with my content being accessible to everyone. It would be easy to lock away stuff like Chapter Secrets 24 hours early behind a reward and other things like that, but that’s just not the way I want to create my content.

Being able to gain from what I create is not something I’m really against, I feel creators should have the right to have the option to be supported, I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with selling a product like that. But I also want my decisions with the Library to be led mostly by what I want to do, not to turn it into a product. I feel that allowing for the option while still keeping my content free is a perfect balance to give me creative freedom while also allowing me to gain from my work. As someone who is still a student and has to rely on a small amount of budget for practically anything, any amount substantially helps out, especially considering the time I put into Chapter Secrets and other projects for the Library every single week. Even a small amount every month could make a very big difference for me.

But with that said, for those that do not have the means to support me, don’t worry about it, seriously. As I’ve said, the last thing I want to feel is like I’m a liability to others. If you check my content every week, that is reward enough for me, don’t worry yourself.

And most importantly, this is not going to really change anything. I’ll continue working hard to deliver my content for everyone to enjoy, this will simply exist as an option on the side for those that decide to support me further, nothing more. Thank you to everyone who has decided to support me, be it through Patreon, support messages or simply being there for me. Thank you for believing in me and what I do 🙂

My Patreon Page:

If you wish to support through a single payment, you can also do it through paypal at my e-mail (

Anyways, onward to this week’s chapter secrets!

887 1887 2887 4 copy887 4

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