SBS Question Corner

In each One Piece volume, Oda has a special question corner known as the “SBS” (An acronym of “Shitsumon o Boshuu Suru”, which basically translates to “I am taking questions”), where he answers fan letters, ranging from interesting new revelations to an uncomfortably high number of sex jokes. Eitherway, you can find the full direct translations available here!

While you won’t be able to find previous SBS translations here (as redoing all of those myself would be a gargantuan amount of work, check here for previous translations), you can find all the new ones here as they release:

Volume 89 SBSVolume 90 SBSVolume 91 SBSVolume 92 SBSOP SBS 93

You can expect the new ones to be featured as soon as a volume releases!