Chapter Secrets – Chapter 902

This was a beautiful chapter to end the arc on. It closes off many of the storylines, as well as delivering some genuinely heartfelt moments. Who knew Oda could make us feel compassion for Brûlée!

902 1902 2902 3902 4902 5902 6.1902 6902 7902 8

With the arc being officially over, expect a new update to the Complete Guide to the Charlotte Family, my Review on the arc as well as a few more projects!




  1. Artur, in the last panel of the 4th page we can see a tarte ship leaving Whole Cake Island. Do you think it could be Caesar escaping?


  2. Its clearly blackbeards crew on the cover………….. also Jimbe and Reijus panel is darkened unlike the others… idk why


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