Chapter Secrets – Chapter 930 in-depth analysis

The long break is over! Unfortunately we’ve got another break lined up soon, but next week is the final reveal of the Charlotte Family, so don’t miss that! Anyways, let’s get onto this dino-packed analysis!

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  1. as always, good analysis! talking about zoro’s swords, what happened to the sword wich luffy took from tengumaru? if i recalled his name right!


  2. Something you make not have considered but it seems to me really plausible, about the area of Bingou’s flashback, is that by the time of the flashback, the building wasn’t built yet.

    Maybe this could even mean (although it’s theorising too much), is that the flashback was by Oden time, and when Orochi took over, he start building fancy and expensive buildings for his businesses and folks (just like politicians do nowadays in some countries to get his folks loyal to him)


  3. Another comment that really took over my head, is what about King? I mean, for me there was a really clear theory about Kaidou getting to know Queen and King in Impel Down, and leaving the place with them.

    But King having the dino gomu gomu, seems like when King met Kaidou, he didn’t have any gomu gomu at all, which doesn’t seems right for the position I thought he would be in ID (high position, if he first met Kaidou there, for example)


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