Chapter Secrets – Chapter 896

Thank you all for your patience this week!

I’m impressed in the amount of detail Oda put into each of the decuplets. Each of them has their own sense of fashion and personality, it’s impressive just how many diverse characters this man can create.

896 1896 2896 3896 4896 5

Since there’s so many scenes and characters to keep track of, here’s a chart that details who is where:

One Piece Totto Land Chart.png




  1. I would like to note that Luffy’s declaration of becoming Pirate King seems to make Katakuri take a step back in the next small panel. I think this was the final blow that knocked him back!


  2. is that “barrel-knife” designed clock the one they use in Sunny-go? i wonder who bought it, it all screams “Zoro” haha. Nice details


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