Chapter Secrets – Chapter 943 in-depth analysis

It has finally happened! The reunion we’ve all been waiting for! The marimo and the shitty cook have finally met again!

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Keep in mind however, we’ve yet to see all the Straw Hats reunited together (hopefully that includes Jinbe too), so I imagine it’ll be quite the panel to see them all back together side by side!




  1. Bello! Bbbbeautiful.. for this “Secrets” issue i’d say there was sort of a more passionate engagement coming from you. Thank you very very much and Please, for the sake of having as many Secrets as the number of future Chapters, respect your health!!

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  2. I think, rather than saying it might be Izou, it’s probably more reasonable to say it might be one of Izou’s parents. Izou, at most, shouldn’t be much older than 40, so he would’ve been an infant at best at the time of this flashback. Obviously, since Kiku has a spot in the 9 Red Scabbards, that person either is Kiku or died before Oden’s execution and Kiku took their place (with her possibly being a relative). Izou being related to a member of the 9 Red Scabbards would be a pretty good reason for why he ended up with Whitebeard, instead of in Wano, too.


    • The flashback would be about 30 years ago, which I think would be perfect as Izou looks like a young teenager (10-15). Izou can be around Marco’s age (45).


    • The flashback would be around 30-35 years ago, and I believe Izou might be about Marco’s age (45). In the flashback, Izou looks certainly younger than the other, only about 10-15.


  3. I wonder when will Zoro hear about Sanji “leaving” the crew back in whole cake island and beating the captain


  4. Great post! If u wonder why Noda Skywalker always picked by Oda to fulfill his cover request it’s because Noda in twitter make a chance from one piece fans around the world to requesting their OP cover request and later Noda sent it to Oda editor. That’s why almost all the cover request from that man.


  5. They have to fight. Not like the usual “joke” fights. I mean a real fight like usopp vs luffy. Except they’re going to be even serious due to the cake island stuff.
    Which i doubt we see the next chapter. We probably jump to others. ODA might even go all the way to the big mom pirates just to avoid zoro vs sanji.


  6. Great chapter, don’t see what the dislike for Act 2 is all about. To me, it has been even more exciting than Act 1.


  7. So, something I’ll note is that in chapter 738, it was actually noted that only 1 in 10 could actually be used. Was that foreshadowing for this, or is this an additional 1-in-10?


  8. Ussop and his mysteries, since his lies tend to turn into truths, will the toad oil actually save yasue???!!


  9. Hey sir artur, nissin cup noodle have a new one piece commercial, wonder if you can dissect the commercial for us?


  10. Hola Artur, ¿Qué opinas de que el escudo del joven que sale delante de los Samuráis es igual al de Koushirou?


    • Hahaha woah, someone randomly finding a one piece analysis who doesn’t even read one piece. That’s actually pretty funny.

      But Marimo is the nickname sanji gives Zoro since his hair looks like moss


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