Chapter Secrets – Chapter 941 in-depth analysis

Sorry for being late this week, it’s mostly a matter of me being occupied and getting sick, so I apologize for taking a couple more days. Anyways, next week is Golden Week, meaning that Shonen Jump is on break. However, stay tuned at the Library, as there’s something I’d like to publish during the break to keep you entertained!

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  1. This is really fantastic. The attention to historical detail honestly is really impressive, and not something I’ve seen the effort put into in many other fandoms. Something I noticed is that this seems to be a pattern; the ‘getting-old-and-in-turn-becoming-unrecognizable’ thing; we’ve seen it with Hyougaru in the prison camp as well. Is it possible that the lady with the Time-Time fruit (momo’s mom) pulled some shenanigans to disguise them? because it doesnt seem like 20 years would be enough to cripple them physically that bad if they had been THAT powerful.


  2. Apologies for if I missed something, but I could’ve sworn there was some context in the scene with Inuarashi and Kinemon that referenced they started the fire themselves, and merely framed it on the fodder. Just an observation that I thought I read.


  3. Those last lines really hit hard. Something so important to say that you put your life on the line eh…It’s gonna be good
    Also, Someone strict turn into this almost stupid looking smile person…I don’t know but something here reminds me of “D. dies with a smile in their face” and i’m kind of excited if that hunch of mine turn out to be true.
    Good work as always Arthur.


  4. Notice how in the cover zoro wants to go to a good place but the sign above have a good place crossed out. Basically hinting at zoro’s bad sense of direction


  5. Luffys ULTIMATE power-up in Wano…………………………….

    Luffys kings haki, when he used it in Amazon LIly the Boa sisters says that there is nothing to fear because HE cannot control it, refering to Luffy. After the time skip now Luffy has this so called controll over this type of haki. If Luffy use this power again against the Boa Sisters, will they fear Luffy now?

    NO, why? because this is not going work on them, so then why were they so shocked over this? why everyone in Marinford was surprised to see Luffy using this power? what is it about KINGS HAKI that is scary not just to Boa sisters but to Admirals as well? Kizarus says that there is a scary power deep hidden within Luffy? what does he mean?

    Luffy is specially good at using kings haki, but so far this power has been useless in 1v1 fights. Are Luffy, Chinjao, Doffy and Katakuri on the same level when it comes to kings haki?

    What is so special about Kings haki that surprises everyone when someone uses it? Yeah it can kncout out fodders, but is that all there is to it? Or perhaps there are more to it then we know?

    Kings haki grows as the user grows strong, thats what Rayleigh siad. But what if you can use it without growing strong. What if it is already that much strong whitout you showing any signs of growth in term strenth? Ace uses this power when he was a kid to save Luffy, Luffy uses this power when he wanted to save Ace or his friends and allies. Doffy uses this power as kid too. these kids using this power is more related to thier will power then to thier growth rate. yes?

    You know who else uses this power as a KID? it is Big Mom. yes, she uses this power differently, her strenght, DEFENSE are increased, her will is powerful and no one can stop her, not even giants.

    Kings haki has this next level or stage that puts the user in place where people just are terrified of the user. and that is what Boa sisters and Admiral were afraid of. They fear this level of haki that they themselfs are powerless against it.

    Luffy has not been in a situation where his will reaches or goes beyond this level of kings haki, there was one moment like this where Luffy could have reached it and that was when Ace died. There Luffys attention was drawn away intentionally by ODA. By the time Luffy sees it, it was too late and his spirit breaks. If Luffy find himself in a situation like this and he will, be prepared for the ultimate of awakeing of a conqueror. Luffy at that point will be unstoppable like Big Mom when she wants sweets.

    Kings haki is a mysterious haki. I think this is the only answer to take down Kaido. Luffys advanced armament is good and all, but this is the trump card.

    Yeah, Guys! tell me what do think if this makes any sense or not?



    • Definitely plausible, about the “fear” or surprise or call it whatever you like, i think they’re taken by surprise by the simple fact that such individuals are rare of breed, and what they fear exactly is that such individuals have the qualities of conquerors, they’re bound to make a change in the world, they are not the like the rest, their fate is diffirent, they like to go against the stream, these peculiar specimens pose a threat to the World goverment, because they are not pushovers, they stand up for themselves ( Doflamingo, big mom…) and for the people
      (Luffy, Ace , and sometimes for themselves lol..) which bears that they strive to make a name for themselves, that taken-aback impression that we got from the prominent characters power-wise, reflects their eagerness to see the fate of luffy and how much the latter will impact the Dai Kaizoku jidai ! I don’t think it matters how strong your Haoshoku is because there will always be opponents that have a powerful will, What i am intrested in, is how can you incorporate Haoshoku in attacks? can you imbue it ? because all Luffy did, is release his Haoshoku after the busoushoku showdown with Katakuri; can he further combine Haki of different colours and not use them consecutively ? that is what I want to know !


  6. Awaken Kings haki=indestructibility

    It could also have other broken abilities like suppressing devil fruits, Ex. like what Big Mom did to Luffy when they clashed. Luffy suddenly lost all of his power.

    Big Mom is strong (her strenght is completely unnatural, even as a child she is able to take down giants, its not normal) and frightning because of this kings-haki in my opinion.


  7. I know this is extremely late but the dog is actually a harlequin colored great dane. You can tell by the body shape and the fact that the coloring is in patches not spots like a dalmation.


  8. Hey Artur,

    The edited image of Yasuie used for this chapter is offensive. Please, can you edit it and remove the religious reference?


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