One Piece Story Arcs and Sagas

The official Shueisha website has currently provided an updated subdivision of all the arcs and sagas of One Piece. These are different from common fan subdivisions like the “Romance Dawn Arc” or “Yonko Saga”, which while widely used by fans, are not recognized by Shueisha. Here’s the official classification of all the story arcs and sagas of One Piece from their official website:

  1. “East Blue Saga” (Chapters 1-101) 101 Chapters
    Dawn Island (Chapter 1) 1 Chapter
    Goat Island (Chapter 2) 1 Chapter
    Shells Town (Chapters 3-7) 5 Chapters
    Organ Archipelago (Chapters 8-21) 14 Chapters
    Rare Animal Island (Chapter 22) 1 Chapter
    Gecko Archipelago (Chapter 23-41) 19 Chapters
    Sea Restaurant Baratie (Chapters 42-68) 27 Chapters
    Conomi Archipelago (Chapters 69-95) 27 Chapters
    Loguetown (Chapters 96-101) 6 Chapters
  2. “Alabasta Saga” (Chapters 102-218) 117 Chapters
    Reverse Mountain (Chapters 102-105) 4 Chapters
    Cactus Island (Chapters 106-114) 9 Chapters
    Little Garden (Chapters 115-129) 15 Chapters
    Drum Island (Chapters 130-154) 25 Chapters
    Sandy Island Alabasta Kingdom (Chapters 155-218) 64 Chapters
  3. “Sky Island Saga” (Chapters 219-303) 85 Chapters
    Jaya (Chapter 219-236) 18 Chapters
    Skypiea (Chapter 237-303) 67 Chapters
  4. “Water Seven/Enies Lobby Saga” (Chapters 304-441) 138 Chapters
    Long Ring Long Land (Chapters 304-321) 18 Chapters
    Water 7 (Chapters 322-375) 54 Chapters
    Enies Lobby (Chapters 376-430) 55 Chapters
    Water Seven Post-Rescuing Robin (Chapters 431-441) 11 Chapters
  5. “Thriller Bark Saga” (Chapters 442-490) 49 Chapters
    Thriller Bark (Chapters 442-490) 49 chapters
  6. “Summit War Saga” (Chapters 491-597) 107 Chapters
    Sabaody Archipelago (Chapters 491-513) 23 Chapters
    Island of Women Amazon Lily (Chapters 514-524) 11 Chapters
    Impel Down (Chapter 525-548) 24 Chapters
    Marineford (Chapter 549-581) 33 Chapters
    Island of Women Amazon Lily Post-Summit War Conclusion (Chapters 582-597) 16 Chapters
  7. “Fishman Island Saga” (Chapters 598-653) 56 Chapters
    Sabaody Archipelago (2 Years Later) (Chapter 598-602) 5 Chapters
    Fishman Island Ryuuguu Kingdom (Chapters 603-653) 51 Chapters
  8. “Punk Hazard Saga” (Chapters 652-699) 48 Chapters
    Punk Hazard (Chapters 652-699) 48 Chapters
  9. “Dressrosa Saga” (Chapters 700-801) 102 Chapters
    Dressrosa (Chapters 700-801) 102 Chapters
  10. “Zou Saga” (Chapters 802-822) 21 Chapters
    Zou Mokomo Dukedom (Chapters 802-822) 21 Chapters
  11. “Whole Cake Island Saga” (Chapters 823-908) 86 Chapters
    Totto Land (Chapters 823-908) 86 Chapters
  12. “Wano Country Saga” (Chapters 909-Present) 146 Chapters (As of 1054)
    Wano Country (Chapters 909-Present) 146 Chapters and counting

Some answers to some questions you might have about this subdivision:

  • Why are Punk Hazard and Zou their own Sagas despite being very short/set up arcs?
    We don’t have an official answer, but my best guess would be that because both set up more than just one saga. While arcs like Whiskey Peak or
    Jaya only set up their sagas, Punk Hazard and Zou set up several sagas, and as such it’s hard to make them part of a specific saga if they also set
    up another, for which they are considered individual sagas. There’s no rule about the length a saga must have, so if Shueisha says this is how it is
    that’s all that matters
  • Why is Reverie not included as a subdivision/”arc”?
    We don’t have an official aswer, but I guess officially the Reverie is considered the same as those post-arc chapters where we see the outside world
    (like at the end of Water Seven, for example), just slightly extended, but is only considered a peek into the world added at the end of the Whole
    Cake Island Saga, not a full blown arc starring Luffy
  • Why are some arc names different from the names I’ve seen online?
    One Piece wikis and fan sites often use fan nomenclature for arcs (like “Romance Dawn” or “Arlong Park”), so be careful about that. The official
    naming provided here is a lot more generally consistent, since for example, the “Arlong Park Arc” doesn’t take place just at the park, so Conomi
    Archipelago is a more fitting name. Similarly while called the Whole Cake Island Saga, it’s subsection is called “Totto Land”, as the story takes
    place all over the country

Note that it’s perfectly fine to use different arc names or structures if you prefer them, this is just to keep in mind what’s official!

Here is also a visual breakdown for the Sagas in the manga and anime: