Chapter Secrets – Chapter 910 in-depth analysis

Well, R.I.P. Reverie, guess we’re heading to Wano earlier than expected. Oh well, there’s a lot of beautiful panels in this chapter, I feel this is one Oda had a ton of fun drawing himself.

Chapter Secrets 910 1Chapter Secrets 910 2Chapter Secrets 910 3Chapter Secrets 910 4

And now, once more, let us immerse ourselves in the beauty of Wano!

Chapter Secrets 910 5Chapter Secrets 910 6Chapter Secrets 910 7Chapter Secrets 910 8Chapter Secrets 910 9Chapter Secrets 910 10Chapter Secrets 910 11Chapter Secrets 910 12

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  1. No matter how hard I try I won’t reach your level man…. You are amazing…finding these details and linking them all is just what only you can do…Just how much time do you have on your sleeves…I hardly few hrs to work on my site.

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  2. ahhhh i will miss the reverie, didn’t it suppose to be 10 chapter ? it seem i will wait another 20 years to solve another secret
    well thanks for the hard work can’t wait for more

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  3. a theory out there, Wano is made up of 4 islands (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) just like Japan has 4 main islands. Zoro is on the Spring island, Luffy is on the Summer island, Law is on the Fall island, and Kaido is on the Winter island. Any thoughts?


  4. Orlumbus’s arc and this panel in particular could be important. As you said, this looks like an unaffiliated nation. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet could carve up a territory by helping out these poor nations and they could later on in the story belp overthrow the World Government and the Celestial Dragons.


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