Chapter Secrets – Chapter 913 in-depth analysis

Hello! The summer heat is hitting hard these days, it’s a struggle to even write chapter secrets. But no matter what we must press on! Begin chapter secrets 913!

Chapter Secrets 913 1Chapter Secrets 913 2Chapter Secrets 913 3Chapter Secrets 913 4Chapter Secrets 913 5Chapter Secrets 913 6Chapter Secrets 913 7Chapter Secrets 913 8Chapter Secrets 913 9

It’s Obon break next week, so no chapter again unfortunately! Let’s see if I’ll be able to cook up something…

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  1. Amazing work Arthur, it’s absolutely majestic!!!
    Also, you made a tiny teency typo at the very end where instead of Chapter secrets 913 it says Chapter secrets 912. But hey, that’s just tiny teency insignificant typo, apart from that, you’ve reached perfection.

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    • Oooh, that’s interesting! I think voodoo is still involved due to the straw puppets looking so similar to voodoo dolls, but it is true it could also be partially based on that concept


      • I know this is old and I’m just on a reread, but pretty sure the shoulder damage transfered was from the defeat of his straw avatar, not that the slash kept going and also hit Hawkins, the angle of the slash is identical on the giant straw man


  2. Amazing! You forget a little still important detail: page 13 behind O-Kiku we can see the Kozuki cran on a “flag” outside the tea-house. Another link to the Kozuki clan 😉


    • Damn you’re right, that’s very sneaky! I find it a bit odd though, wouldn’t that make them persecuted? Perhaps it only partially looks like the Kozuki symbol, to avoid persecution


      • Yeah I think that too! Maybe it’s the symbol of the tea-house (Tsuru=Crane), but it’s really a clear sign of the legacy between Kuri and its clan.
        Off topic: Don’t you think that Hawkins let them escape too easily? maybe he attacked them to show his loyalty to Orochi (his man are present on Hawkins side in this fight) but in reality he’s trying to form an army against Kaido/Shogun..I also noticed that when he talks about the 19% his face looks a bit worried

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