Chapter Secrets – Chapter 912 in-depth analysis

Hello everyone! I apologize for today’s chapter secrets being oddly late, the reason for that is that these couple weeks I’ve been taking them off as vacation to rest a little, so while I’m still doing chapter secrets, scheduling has been a bit harder for obvious reasons. Still, even if I’m on vacation I wanted to continue with the weekly analysis, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

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  1. I got a feeling that the person Hitetsu is waiting for will turn out to be Zoro, someone who can wield the Kitetsu and overcome the curse. By the end of the Wano arc, I think Zoro will give the Shusui back to the Wano country as sign of good fortune after Kaido has been defeated and Hitetsu will give him either the Nidai or Shodai to carry.

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    • Do you think having both blades together will unlock some certain sort of power and/or ability? I’m not sure if the translations we got are 100% accurate, for now, but something about the way things were worded and the fact that Hitetsu was teased nearly 815 chapters (19 years) ago is astonishing and I think significant.

      Something about the way Tenguyama Hitetsu talked about the blade(s) made me think they were either specifically separated or coincidentally separated and thus the combined power of them being duel wielded has been lost or not used for a long time.

      I could be way off, this is just a hunch / idea I got based on the way I read and interpreted things so far.

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    • I disagree, it was Ivankov curing him that allowed him to overcome those toxins and thus be immune to them since then. Of course, you could claim that Magellan helped indirectly because without his poisoning this wouldn’t have happened to begin with, but I digress.


      • How about poison in the fish that eaten by luffy when entering Big Mom territory, it nearly kill luffy, but saved by Reiju. I am just thinking that luffy also got immunity from that poison or from Reiju. Or poison in Wano’s creatures is weaker than the fish in big mom territory


      • I believe it was claimed around then that the toxins of that fish were so incredibly deadly that they even affected Luffy. The contaminated waters of Wano are nothing compared to it, to the point that they’re not even really injuring Zoro.


  2. I can help you with why the cover is about sports, because in Asia there’ll be Asian Games next month, its something like Olympics but its only for asian countries


  3. Hmm about the cover story, it’s themed sports, also there will be an event in real world named Asian Games, where countries in Asia competing in sports championship, just like Olympic Games. Maybe Oda Sensei also wants to celebrate this event lol


  4. Oda said about 4 years ago, could it be less than 4? If so O’Tama just turned 5 when Ace arrived, she probably about to turn 9 but not yet.


    • Hitetsu literally says that today is her eight birthday. Not that she’s eight in an undefined amount, that specifically today she went from seven to eight. She was only five under three years ago, a lot less four


      • She could be 4 years and 1 month, 4 years and 6 months, 4 years and 11 months old when Ace said “You have 5, right?”


  5. I think the certain is she is 8 now. However, Ace was only questioning whether she is 5 about 4 years ago. If she is not yet 5 back then, and it was about 3 plus years, then she is 8 now.


  6. Why people always forget that Luffy has given the hat to Usopp to wear too? The Straw Hat is Luffy’s treasure, and he trusts Usopp enough for him to wear


  7. Late to the party as I was super late on the chapters.

    I really love your analysis overall, it’s fun and interesting to read!

    Little note about Robin the Horserider: Equestrian isn’t horseracing. It regroups the three core disciplines: dressage, cross-country and jumping. Here, Robin’s outfit obviously refers to dressage, where it’s common to wear a top hat and a black outfit (though if a rider is in the cavalry of his country, he/she may also ride using the cavalry outfit instead). It’s interesting to see her like that, because dressage is a discipline where the rider has be to be very organised, composed and precise. You really can’t be all over the place and expect your work to be clean. I think it suits her well, considering her temperament.

    (Source: am a long-time horserider, and dressage is a personal favourite.)


  8. actually it seems Jinbe was supposed to be drawn but Oda mistakenly put 2 ussop there and hence Jinbe is forced to sit among the audience


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