Chapter Secrets – Chapter 907

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  1. Once again, the mangastream translation was MUCH better/clearer, did you have a look at it?
    I found it much easier to follow the conversation between BM and Kaido and Garp’s conversation with the other marines.


    • I read all the available translations, so don’t worry! It’s hard to have a single translation that is of quality, as many times some do what others don’t. For me the best thing to do is to just read them all


      • I know you may are good at Japanese very well, but do you even know Chinese ? We also have a forum like this.


      • Yeah, I’ve seen it too, thanks for your good week-work anyway. For me, it’s a pleasure to read the analysis from different languages. gannbareyo Artur.


  2. Would it be to crazy to think Shanks could be the guy with the wanted posters standing in front of the straw hat from the last episode? What if for some reason I am right? I cant really think of a good connection between my theory and the actual background that we possess now. But if Oda did this, it would definitively be the greatest plot twist from OP.


  3. thank you so much for the hard work ^_^, i loved it …..keep going please.
    the chapter was soooooo amaaaaazing,
    just why shanks is so repected in one piece i mean roger give him the straw hat , he stop kaido from going after whitebeard in marinford arc thought whitebeard didn’t listen to him when he talk about ace and sengoku too when he agree to stop the war and give him the corps of ace and wb , and now the gorosei , maybe everybody own him a favor to return. some people say that he will be the last boss hhhhh that will be cooll , and som say that he used to be a celestial dragon and, the theorie that interested me about him is that he is rouge (roger wife, ace mother) brother cuz in the last sbs when oda draw ace in 40 years old he looked exactly like shanks, ohhhh my mind.
    change of subject remember in chapter 498 when shakky tell luffy that garp chase her when she was a pirate 40 years ago , i thik she was with the rocks too, what do you think ? :3
    sorry for the long texte it the chapter fault i couldn’t keep it in my heart and can i ask , where can i read SBS and novel of one piece please? and thank you
    waiting always for your work


  4. In page 5 you said that Big Mom had only Cracker, the 10th son. While I don’t know if that is true, I know that she also had Katakuri, the 2nd son. Or did I get something wrong?


  5. I don’t know, but…what you say about the bowl made me think about the design. Seems like a greek bowl… Irrelevant at all or is something around the architecture as well? Anyways, love to reed all ur reviews man. Nice Work o/


    • The pattern does indeed look green, but it’s used in a lot of Asian noodle bowls as a whole, it’s a common pattern. I think in this case it derives from Chinese patterns though, not Greek, just a coincidence


  6. Coming back to this chapter after the talk of previous babies on Rogers ship, this chapter focuses on world nobles good and bad.. I think my theory that Shanks was a world nobles kid rescued on God Valley during the big rocks fight with Roger and Garp might have some validity
    Would explain the Gorosei giving him the time of day, with him also being reasonable as well


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