Vivre Card Databook

Every month, two packs of the new Vivre Card Databook come out. These contain new, never heard before canon information directly from Oda! Each month I translate and collect all the new information into easy-to-read summaries. Here you can find all of the summaries for each pack, just click on each image to be taken to its summary. Each image features the included packs, characters, and its release date.

For a guide on how the Vivre Card Databook works, check this first!

Vivre Card Volume 1 DatabookVivre Card Volume 2 Syrup Baratie SabaodyVivre Card Volume 3 Arlong Park Impel DownVivre Card Volume 4 Alabasta MarinefordVivre Card Volume 5 Baroque Works Fishman IslandVivre Card Volume 6 Jaya New Fishman PiratesVivre Card Volume 7 ReverieVivre Card Volume 8 Skypiea Punk HazardVivre Card Volume 9 Water 7 Donquixote Familyvivre-card-volume-10-Corrida-CP9vivre-card-volume-11-Zou-Thriller Bark