Chapter Secrets – Chapter 886

Had the chance to experience 999 last week, fantastic game. Really disliked VLR though.

Anyways, not much of an eventful chapter this week, though there are some interesting details in it. Let’s get on with it!

886 1886 2886 3886 4

P.S: The Birthday Calendar has been updated: Carrot, Rebecca and Scarlet have been added, as of Volume 87



  1. But in the world of OP the moon seems to grow in the opposite way to our world, so it makes sense that at the beginning of WCI the moon appears in that way. Or not?


    • Yeah, actually the phases of the moon are dependent of the hemisphere where are you at.
      Since the Strawhats crossed to the new world, they changed hemispheres.
      So the phases of the moon are the opposite of what you expect pre-timeskip.


      • But the NW isn’t in a different emisphere of the first half of Grand Line. It’s at the same latitude. Entering in the NW, there isn’t a change of boreal emisphere and austral emisphere, that it would change the moon perception. So the moon phases should be the same.


    • Well, in the pre-timeskip, during the parts it’s consistent, the moon rotates from right to left (from our perspective). After that, there is no order to the moon, as Oda stopped focusing on it. Even if we were to consider an inversed rotation, you’d still need an entire month from Zou to have passed, not “a few days later”, not to mention the fact that the moon was still far from half-dark/full when we last saw it in WCI.


  2. As far as I remember, One Piece universe has several moons, which makes the power of Minks much more handy. I thought it was mentioned in some SBS.. the library of Ohara also has the model of the Earth with 6 moons around it


    • While the library of Ohara does indeed show a globe with several moons, it is the only even remote proof in the series that more than one moon exists. Given the hundreds upon hundreds of panels of the moon we’ve seen in One Piece (and everybody addressing it as “the” moon, without ever there being mention of any others) far outweighs this model we saw a single time, which we don’t even know if it is accurate. It could be an ancient depiction of the planet (similarly to how Earth once had many moons) or something else entirely, but as far as we know the One Piece world only has one moon.


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