Chapter Secrets – Chapter 914 in-depth analysis

The break season of Obon is finally over, we’re back with a constant stream of chapters! Also, on another note, next week there’s the Episode of Skypiea special as well as a special section on the anime in the next issue of Jump, so let’s hope for a new film announcement!

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  1. Thanks Arthur for the lovely work!

    We can see Hawkings provided the info about Tama taming Hihi since the kidnaping is planed by Holdem, but he seems to keep hiding the info about Strawhats being there since Batman seems to not know who he’s facing… If it’s that so, Hawkings is playing his cards very cafefully and maybe he’s turning his back to Kaido at the right time.


  2. Great job Arthur! Thank you for another good read.

    Also, the O-tama symbol, on her tent (the crane spreading its wings), resembles me a lot that of the Alliance symbol at Star Wars (also the resistance).

    Keep on with this amazing job!

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  3. There is a panel with Otama and Otsuru where you can see that patches on Otama’s kimono match part of Otsuru’s kimono, indicating that Otsuru is the one who patched Otama’s Kimono- and implying some connection between the two.


  4. Found it very interesting the lady of the teahouse “鹤” she said she just came here for one month, but she knows what it had on the mountain decades ago


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