Chapter Secrets – Chapter 900

Alright, let’s get all the Harambes out of the way, April Fools is over. Sorry to make you wait, though I hope the jokes were of your enjoyment. But Alas, here we are with Chapter Secrets 100! Well, technically it’s not the 100th, since I did take a small break, but it’s still an incredible feat. Over the course of this time I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown through so many experiences and I’ve become a better person in the process. And this has been a great influence in that! The staggering amount of people who, day to day, decide to follow what I make is an incredible inspiration in my life. With that, there is much more ahead of One Piece to analyze, so I hope to do this for a long time to come. Thank you!

Enjoy this 11-page-long chapter 900 extravaganza!

900 1900 2900 3900 4900 5900 6900 7900 8900 9900 10900 11


Here’s a riddle for you: can you find who the first snakeneck to be introduced was? If you can, you can make it into my circle of trust!



  1. Hola Artur, La primera mención de los cuellos de serpiente fue en la casa de subastas aunque no recuerdo a cuánto se cotizaban. El primer cuello de serpiente lo vimos de espaldas cuando Luffy y Chopper llegan a Isla Cacao y de frente vimos a Amande cuando recolectaba los huevos para el pastel.



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