Chapter Secrets – Chapter 917 in-depth analysis

Hiiiiin! Today we talk a lot about horses, paradises and food! Let’s start Chapter Secrets!

Chapter Secrets 917 1Chapter Secrets 917 2Chapter Secrets 917 3Chapter Secrets 917 4

Edit: the acrobatics the firefighters are performing are based on a Japanese firefighter parade called Dezomeshiki, thanks to /u/ohdangwhatisitbro for pointing it out. Check this out to see more about it:

chapter-secrets-917-5Chapter Secrets 917 6Chapter Secrets 917 7

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  1. Luffy and Zoro are not tilting they’re head awkwardly. As the “koki” sound suggest too, they’re cracking necks to ready themself to action. A classic scene in anime.


  2. Also just noticed that the classic “Don !” or “Do-don!” effect when something dramatic happens in Wano is replaced with the sound of the classic japanese instrument, so “Ben !” or “Be-ben!” 😀


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