Chapter Secrets – Chapter 929 in-depth analysis

We got a bit of a weird release for the chapter this week, but since it’s my duty, here I am to analyze it! This chapter is insanely packed with a lot of details, so let’s get started!

Chapter Secrets 929 1Chapter Secrets 929 2Chapter Secrets 929 3Chapter Secrets 929 4Chapter Secrets 929 5Chapter Secrets 929 6Chapter Secrets 929 7Chapter Secrets 929 8Chapter Secrets 929 9-10

Unfortunately, due to Jump going on break, next chapter should only come out by the 18th of January. With that said, be sure to check the Library in the upcoming weeks, as I’ll be posting some content to keep you entertained until the next chapter!

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  1. Thanks for the review Arthur.

    Rofl at Jimbe’s invisibility ability.

    I really like the page with Orochi, specially the panels on the left side, since the reader’s view point moves away keeping Orochi’s castle in focus. As a result, the panels give us a view of the condition of surrounding poverty and hunger, making a nice contrast with the view of the succulent banquet at the center of the double page. The view of the factorie’s polution completes a very wise and telling overview of Wano. Nice work, Oda 🙂


  2. Sasuga Artur-dono, masani ii bunseki datta;

    having said that i’d like to point out that franky’s Tattoo bears great resemblance to that sported by the unnamed red hair pirate , the only difference being that the said ink does not reach the latter’s face but his neck… so the conclusion that i draw from this is that either the ink is an insignia /crest of a certain clan in Wano or the red hair pirate hails from there !


  3. Hi, just stumbled across chapter analysis, it’s great! Some speculation here that Yasu may be the blueprint “thief” – he’s wearing a patterned shawl that many wear in other shows… hm..

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  4. Oh my lord, I laughed more than I should at Mirio being mentioned here.

    There was another translation available for the chapter, which claims that the Leftover Town before Flower Capital is called Ebisu.

    Also I wondered why no one’s bringing this up, but Tonoyasu might be an octopus zoan ability user, and he might be the same octopus that grappled Luffy in the beginning of the arc? Or is that unlikely?


  5. Well wait, they didn’t leave the note implicating the mountain bandits to cover up for themselves, they intentionally did it so hed get in trouble and be more pressured to join them, hence Inu’s comment afterward


  6. Franky being hit from back just Oda referring to Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey in movie, which has similar hair style with Franky.


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