Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 1 (all the new information!) REMAKE

So as you might recall, last September I posted the first volume of the Vivre Card packs, being the initial starter pack. Back then, still being new to the concept, I used a different format and I didn’t really go much in depth about the character’s descriptions since none of us really thought there was anything important hidden in there back then. However, now knowing that there might’ve been some important info in there, I decided to go back and retranslate everything and putting it in the new format, so even if you did read the first pack back then, I encourage reading this one as well, as there is a lot of new info!

And if you haven’t read the original, then this is the definitive edition to read!

Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-1Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-2Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-3Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-4Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-5Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-6Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-7Vivre Card Databook Vol 1-8vivre-card-databook-vol-1-9vivre-card-databook-vol-1-10vivre-card-databook-vol-1-11vivre-card-databook-vol-1-12

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  1. “what secrets the hat may hide” makes me think Roger hid something sewn in it like Luffy did with Aces vivre card
    Although it could just be referring to joyboy, Im samas hat and the D’s and not additional secrets


  2. Awesome Website. The vivre cards are so expensive so I am very happy to have the opportunity to read about the information here 🙂
    Man, I hope we will get more information about the crew members of Shanks (also from the ones that we do not know the names yet)


  3. É incrível como conseguem traduzir apenas o card do Zoro e Luffy, sendo que, Sanji tem as mesmas quantidades de informações que Zoro e Sanji. Zorofanboys.


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