Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 5 (all the new information!)

I apologize for being slightly late with this, but I got hit with a terrible fever that slowed down the whole process. Anyways, without further ado here’s all the new information from the Baroque Works and Fishman Island packs!

vivre card databook 5-1vivre card databook 5-2vivre card databook 5-3vivre card databook 5-4vivre card databook 5-5vivre card databook 5-6vivre card databook 5-7vivre card databook 5-8vivre card databook 5-9vivre card databook 5-10vivre card databook 5-11vivre card databook 5-12vivre card databook 5-13vivre card databook 5-14

patreon thanks v6 <3



  1. I think Fisher Tiger’s height must be some sort of mistake. Like maybe they copy pasted Shyarly’s height for him and no one caught it.


  2. Hey Arthur. It was very nice to read your interview at OPex. I read your content here, but discovered you there, where I read the mangá.
    Thanks a lot for donating your time to us.
    P.s. I was surprised that you are only 20 years and already have all this knowlege of the world. You have a great future ahead. Hope you use all this knowlege to pursue your dreams.


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