Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 6 (all the new information!)

It’s that time of the month again! Here’s all the new information for the Jaya Arc pack and New Fishman Pirates Pack released this month:

Vivre Card Databook 6-1Vivre Card Databook 6-2Vivre Card Databook 6-3Vivre Card Databook 6-4Vivre Card Databook 6-5Vivre Card Databook 6-6Vivre Card Databook 6-7Vivre Card Databook 6-8Vivre Card Databook 6-9Vivre Card Databook 6-10Vivre Card Databook 6-11Vivre Card Databook 6-12

Patreon Thanks v6 <3 copy



  1. Tamago eats Balut (Filipino dish consisting of boiled baby duck still in the egg)…sorta have some mixed feelings considering Tamago’s power


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