Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 4 (all the new information!)

A new chapter, the SBS and a Vivre Card packed with information all in the same weekend? Oda, are you trying to kill me? Well, you won’t best me! Here’s all the new information in this month’s Vivre Card databook!

Vivre Card Databook 4-1Vivre Card Databook 4-2Vivre Card Databook 4-3Vivre Card Databook 4-4Vivre Card Databook 4-5Vivre Card Databook 4-6Vivre Card Databook 4-7Vivre Card Databook 4-8Vivre Card Databook 4-9Vivre Card Databook 4-10Vivre Card Databook 4-11Vivre Card Databook 4-12Vivre Card Databook 4-13Vivre Card Databook 4-14

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  1. Love this, although I need to point out to mistakes. Firstly, it seems like you have written the wrong age for Dadan in Luffy’s flashback, seeing how it happened 12 years ago (10 pre-ts) which would make her 43 years old in the flashback (or 57 post-ts if that’s the mistake). The Second point is that on the character-specific section you have written Squard’s bounty as 220.000.000, but earlier on the post it is shown as 210.000.000.
    I would also like to point out that on you SBS volume 91 post you have written up Morley’s df as the Otsu-Otsu no mi, when it should be the Oshi-Oshi no mi. (Otsu meaning fish, Oshi meaning push). This was brought up by another person on that post, but I thought it was smart to mention it here too. However I love what you are doing and I thank you for all your effort and contribution to the comunity. I am planning on becoming a sponsor soon.


    • Haha what do you mean? The crew we know of, Big Mom, Kaido, Whitebeard, most likely Shakky & Bakkin..we know what happened to all of them.
      It’s not the crew that’s unclear it’s what happened to Rocks, if he died or survived.
      But yeah, Garp and Roger curbstomped them.


  2. Thank you for your hard work it is really appreciated.

    PS: You’ve written Cowboy twice instead of Bourbon Jr in the age section.


  3. First of all, thank you for bringing us not only the Vivre Card, but also the SBS in a timely manner ^^

    And wow, I was quite looking forward to this Vivre Card and I am very happy that my expectations have been long.

    Something that intrigues me a lot is the age gap between WB and his crew. Of course has the factor of representing a family having a father and his children, but it is curious that he did not have any right arm or friend coming from the time of the Rocks, like for example BigMom has Straussen.

    Another point was that Namur was not listed as coming from Fishman Island, different from the Giants, we do not know of the existence of other islands serving as home for fishmen. And the confirmation that many speculated of Izou being from Wano … well that could be her in the cell, please Oda XD


  4. “Leaving 3 more space Strawhat after him”.

    Interesting. Didnt know about this. Did Oda say anything about the maximum number of Strawhat?


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