Vivre Card Databook – Season 2 Vol. 1 (all the new information!)

The newest season of Vivre Cards has finally started! Let’s cover all the new information from the recently released databook!

If you want to use this information in a video/forum/etc. you can, just please credit me and link to my site!

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  1. You’ve made a great work with this article.
    It shocked me a bit that Yasu didn’t actually eat a SMILE… I wonder how Oda will reveal this in manga chapters.


  2. I’m a bit shocked that Oda went with ocher for Jinbe’s theme color, the popular theory was that he’d go with a shade of blue. I suppose he wanted to avoid having three blues?

    Out of curiosity, what wording did he use for the ocher in question? There are a ton of different variants, such as oudoiro or ieroo ookaa for yellow ocher or shado/taisho/waku for red ocher, so his wordchoice really would make it a lot clearer what he was going for. Unless he just used ookaa, which would tell us basically nothing.

    I’m assuming the intention was the color of the yellow-orange kimono he tends to wear, but I suppose if we’re going for red ocher it might be the red of the Sun Pirates brand?


      • Thank you, that’s very helpful! Nothing that I’m finding really fits any color we’ve really seen Jinbe wear, so I’m still somewhat unclear on Oda’s intentions, but it definitely helps to know that he was going for the more orange/yellow range than red.


  3. Hey master Arthur, you appeared in one of the most famous geek website here in Brazil today, I was so happy to see you there!


  4. Thank you again for all your explanation and highlights about O-Kiku’s name and gender. It makes me so happy to see you treat trans people with such respect. Also. Yasuie’s smile being real is a surprise, and I can mildly relate with Jinbe’s dislike of parfait. Thank you for the thorough information you shared with us!


  5. Bro, have you noticed something common in people with strong haki? Characters like Mihawk, Kaido, Big Mom, Whitebeard , Oden all have the same eyeball colour i.e. ‘Yellow’. Do you know something about it?


  6. Hey arthur, i juat wanted to ask you do you wait a few months fpr some vivre cards to come out then summerize and translate or do u summerize each vivrecard every month?


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