The Momo Who Leapt Through Time – Explaining the Wano Ghosts Theory

Hello everyone! With the chapter dropping just tomorrow, I thought I’d gather all the information I’ve gotten over the past week regarding the ghost theory, to see how it will stack up with the chapter. I haven’t read the spoilers yet, so all the information found here is taken from stuff I’ve mentioned before in my previous analysis and on my twitter. If you don’t believe me on that, you can check by yourself.

With that, let’s get started! Let’s prove how all of these events happened!

Wano Theory 1Wano Theory 2Wano Theory 3

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  1. Well Artur you did very well again 🙂 The new chapter didnt say it openly but they implied in the end so you are right. I think next chapter we will see their method with time leap..


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