Chapter Secrets Special – Who Won Between Luffy and Katakuri? Explaining the Final Clash

When I did Chapter Secrets for chapter 896, I didn’t give much thought to the final clash between Luffy and Katakuri, so I gave a very simple answer about it without properly analyzing it, which was incorrect. I simply didn’t realize how important this was for people, so I decided to go back and properly analyze the final clash!

Luffy vs Katakuri winner



  1. Hi Library of Ohara!

    I enjoy your analysis per chapter every week! It’s so awesome! And I really wanna ask you something and I thought writing will satisfy my curiosity.
    You know, I was wondering, given the way how Oda draws this epic battle, seeing that Luffy won, is it right to put him on the left panel instead on the right? I thought you might write an article about this and I thought this chapter would be it but I’m still looking for that specific answer. Can you help us, your readers resolve this “off-paneling”?

    Thank You and hoping to hear from you soon! 🙂

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    • Thank you!

      I’ve mentioned it a little in the analysis for chapter 895, where the reason Katakuri is on the right is because right there he was the one with the advantage, or in other words the one with the likelier chance to land a hit. However the panel is drawn more from Luffy’s perspective, indicating that Luffy is trying to fight against the impossible odds of Katakuri, who stands on the right side.

      The reason why the following chapter decides to leave them in the same position is for consistency. There’s a rule in cinema that Oda usually follows where it’s important to keep two characters facing each other at always the same side of the screen. If Luffy is on the left he’s on the left, if Katakuri is on the right he’s on the right. If you want to change the perspective then you have to move the “camera” in such a way it makes sense (hence why at times Katakuri is on the right while others Luffy is on the left). The important thing is to do it smoothly and since last chapter left us with Kata on the right and Luffy on the left, Oda wanted to keep it as such not to confuse readers and to clearly understand who is where. Since they both fall regardless, there isn’t necessarily someone who has to stand on the right side. And when Katakuri finally falls down, Luffy then slowly moves towards the right side of the page, as Katakuri drifts away on the left.

      Hope that helps!


      • Oh! That’s why. Ok, now I understand, and the paneling and the whole cinematic view point. ‘Cause i’m trying to know when this fight will end and I thought paneling will help. Haha, silly me. Thank you Ohara! More power and looking forward to your future analysis! 🙂

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