Chapter Secrets Special – Everything You Need to Know Before the Reverie Arc!

As is tradition, here’s everything you need to know before the Reverie Arc! (here’s the previous one for WCI!). This contains all the vital information you need to know about this arc, from who will participate, where it will take place and what will undergo in it. Bucle up, because this is all in the test!

Reverie Arc Poster WallpaperReverie Arc 1Reverie Arc 2Reverie Arc 3Reverie Arc 4Reverie Arc 5Reverie Arc 6Reverie Arc 7Reverie Arc 8Reverie Arc 9Reverie Arc 10Reverie Arc 11Reverie Arc 12Reverie Arc 13



  1. yeah we’re sooo hyped for a political debate, i’m afraid that wil be disappointment
    but let see ……………….wakuwaku shtimas


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Fisher Tiger climbing the Red Line a myth? It was a cover story he used to hide the fact that he was actually a slave of one of the tenryuubito, right?


  3. Dude, this project of yours is just awesome! Wish more people knew about you, your analysis are very well researched and very well made.
    I might not usually comment on sites and videos, but I just had to let you know you’ve got a fan! Thanks a lot man

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  4. Amazing content as always! Truly Oharan quality! I love world building moments and to have a whole ard of this just makes this manga even more amazing. Oda really needed a full arc if he wanted to address all the loose ends that don’t regard the Straw Hats. Keep at it Arthur!

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  5. Artur great work as always!! Though there are few doubts in my find, but for now i ll just ask one, I don’t think Vinsmokes will have anymore right to attend the Reverie,after what happened at the WCI.

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    • Depends, as of Chapter 903 we’ve seen Big Mom’s already at Whole Cake Island, so perhaps they already made their escape. They haven’t married in the Big Mom family after all, so there might still be a chance


  6. Great work as always!
    Just a small correction. Karl Marx was a German Philosopher (or Prussian. Prussia was a kingdom preceding the foundation of Germany). He was not a Russian activist. He had nothing to do with Russia. The revolution that started communism in Russian happens almost 40 years after Karl Marx death. I can see why the confusion though!

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  7. Do you think treasure of mariejois ,adam and eve tree are connected ? I think neptune mention the tree of eve bc of the sunlight in fishman island ,he said the sunlight connects by the roots of it so , is it means the location of tree of adam are in top of redline ?


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