Chapter Secrets Special – A crazy theory that came to mind at 2 AM

This is completely off schedule, but I had to share! Enjoy whatever madness this is!

Denjiro is Kyoshiro theory




  1. Denjirous eyes are kinda narrow in 943s flashback. Everyone is shochked and surprised in that flashback so thier eyes are about to pop or something except for Denjirou.

    hmmm…….you might be on to something.
    Either Kyoshirou is Denjirou or someone related to Kyoshiro.


    • Well… If Kyoshiro really is Denjiro, he probably asked Hiyori to be silent about his identity. Even to allies.
      What if they’re (I mean Kyoshiro and Hiyori) somehow aware of a traitor among the scabbards?

      Imagine what would have happen if traitor got to know where Denjiro is…

      Btw., I’m a fan of theory that Kyoshiro is Denjiro.
      I’m patiently waiting when he’ll tell Orochi: ‘Kyoshiro ja nai. Denjiro da!’


  2. After learning Kamazou’s true identity I too came to this conclusion, Not only do I agree with your points however but you also left out one thing: Lady Toki’s Prophecy!

    The first time we learn of the prophecy’s words are straight from Kiyoshiro himself! He actually quotes the whole prophecy and reminiscences about that night like he was there himself.
    He mentions Kinemon by his nickname: Foxfire, also the hilt of his katana is squared like the one that Kinemon has in the Oden Castle flashback.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he were related to O-Tsuru too considering how both their faces are similarly shaped.

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  3. Well…em..trying for a moment not to consider the Huge work you do for us every week… brother, this theory is no BIG NEWS at all!
    Anyway, given that almost everyone already thought of such idea as ,at least, a possibility, of course you’ve provided fandom witha ton of argumentation and interesting , original evidence. thank you!


    • okay but would you consider this… have we seen them actually having sex? no? then the only thing we have to go on is some words and anyone can say anything, people can lie if it fits their narrative you know, like not blowing their cover


  4. If you talking about his unique hair is actually same, look at more closely at Kyoushiro back head, he had tied up his hair for being short. That indicates he want to undercover as yakuza, so no one knows about him in the past. Very well theory Arthur.


  5. I hope he’s not, if he is it leaves more plot holes, and characters being intentionally stupid for the sake of a twist that just seems lazy.


  6. What if Kyoushiro is Kinemon`s son.

    In the flashback in 943 Kinemon has white hair, maybe he changed it. Also Kinemon`s wife face shape is similar to Kyoushiro.


  7. My theory is that Kyoushiro is Denjiro’s son, and will serve as Denjiro’s replacement, at least until they can confirm what happened to him.


  8. You know what, while reading your *awesome* chapter 944 secrets, this very idea came to mind.
    I think you are on something here 🙂


  9. I thought of that as soon as Killer was revealed. Because of Yasu’s difference in hair style, I thought maybe the same was happening here – but it is still too early to tell.


  10. Thank you Sir Artur! Very nice theory. I am taking it. 😀

    i really had a thought that maybe Denjirou was Alladin (Jinbie’s friend) because of the hairstyle. XD

    Great job again! More power!


  11. I like your theory I also thought that maybe his hair is actually longer now than before seeing that it kinda looks like two hair styles. If you notice the hair directly on the scalp is straight whereas the long part of his hair covering his face is fluffy or curly. I think it is actually longer than what it appears.


  12. I agree, it is a good theory. What I was thinking is that the character holds lot of similarities with Ichimaru Gin, from Bleach. Not only his facial expression but his attitude and design too, not to mention his supposed role in the history. Don’t you think?


  13. “and did not seem to be the one that told Orochi about it”
    Based on what did you come to this conclusion? On the contrary it seems like he absolutely had to be the the one who told Orochi as I can’t think of any other possible reason for the sudden ankle-mark search that happened very soon after.


  14. May need to consider that Kyoshiro is the current money changer (money making) in Flower Capital. In chapter 961, we saw a ‘money making’ trait in Denjiro, which may tell that Kyoshiro and Denjiro are actually a same person. On top of that, With his current position as Wano’s Yakuza and has Orochi’s trust, he in the right place to give false advise to Orachi. (1) ‘Killing’ Hiyori/Komurasaki (2) Have the idea of the picture puzzle and advise Orochi to take action to the alliance benefit (Orochi cut off the path to Port Tokage but path to Flower Capital intact. Another reason is, since Kyoshiro and Mimawarigumi are the only top brass remaining in Flower Capital while others already off to Onigashima for Fire Festival, where he’s basically the top fighter remaining. (3) The OP opening #22 is showing a figure, just like Kyoshiro!


  15. Wow. Excellent work! I got the feeling from very early on that Kyoshiro wasn’t the bad guy he appeared to be, but I sure didn’t see him being Denjiro coming!


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