One Piece: Chapter 905 (parody)

In case you haven’t heard, One Piece is on break this week, so I decided to cook up something. I wanted to make another parody chapter, but I felt that doing another meme-filled chapter would begin to lose appeal, I’ll do more in the future, but too many in a row could get tiring, so I wanted to skip on that this time. So instead, I decided to do something different: a serious parody chapter. Instead of making it one big joke, making it as if it were an actual chapter, basically a fan-made chapter, with big reveals and exciting scenes. Of course, this isn’t in any way trying to replace the real chapter 905, it’s just something to entertain you until the real chapter 905 comes out. Enjoy!

One Piece 905 1One Piece 905 2-3One Piece 905 4One Piece 905 5One Piece 905 6One Piece 905 7One Piece 905 8One Piece 905 9One Piece 905 10One Piece 905 11One Piece 905 12One Piece 905 13One Piece 905 14One Piece 905 15One Piece 905 16One Piece 905 17One Piece 905 18One Piece 905 19




      • Greenbull’s name in kanji is 緑牛. 緑 means green and 牛 means cow. While 牛 means cow, 雄牛 means bull. Anyways, they’re pronounced the same way, so without knowing the calligraphy, it could be confusing to know his/her gender. It’s kinda like Whitebeard’s name. Shirohige, shiro meaning white, hige meaning facial hair. His name doesn’t make sense in english because he has a white mustache, not a white beard. It’s something lost in translation.


  1. Excelente trabajo Artur, si llegará a aparecer Ryokugyo me quedaré muy sorprendido. Pensaba describir en muchas líneas lo mucho que aprecia uno el esfuerzo y dedicación que le pones constantemente a tu trabajo pero la mejor manera de decirlo es…

    ¡Bien Hecho!

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    • wow exelente trabajo , bro , primera vez que veo esto porque lo descubri en youtube , pero incluso estuve 2000% convencido que este era el manga original , la trama encaja perfectamente , te felicito , echale ganas tienes demasiado potencial.

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  2. Hello arthur, i think oda himself is proud of you, because your achievement is really fantastic.
    I just have 1 question, what about all chapter secret you missed from 840-849. i really hope that you have solution for it. Thanks for your attention.

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    • The period across those chapters was a period of my life where I was suffering from severe health problems, so I had to take a break from chapter secrets. Thankfully ever since then I was able to recover and every day I’m doing better 🙂

      I doubt I’ll come back to do those specific chapters, but I do reference a lot of the information in them later on


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