Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1007 in-depth analysis

This week’s chapter ended with a mindblowing twist! But what actually happened? Who is this mysterious Oden? Well, we might just have the answer at hand… read to find out!




  1. I too feel that the Kanjuro ink clone is the most likely possibility. Still, if that was indeed Hiyori healing the Scabbards, I have to wonder who smuggled her onto the island; this would possibly provide the biggest indication that Kanjuro was a triple agent all along, although as you rightly point out his reprehensible behaviour up to this point doesn’t seem to support this theory.

    Another interesting point in this chapter is that, as Momonosuke’s fruit is explicitly stated to be replicated from Kaido’s own lineage factor, Momo is now technically both Oden’s and Kaido’s son (his beast half being the “child” of Kaido’s dragon form, which is very appropriate given Kaido’s crew’s animal motif).


  2. I think there are a few other reasonable possibilities that are a few more points to consider regarding the identity of the silhouettes around the scabbards:

    1.- The scabbards are actually in a location which is just not easy to reach. We saw luffy getting to the top of onigashima’s skull… it was a daunting task which required him to simply run through large distances across numerous dangerous battlefields and enemies. It’s just the second floor but reaching that place is not something just anyone could do. The only way I could imagine hiyori being there at all is that she got to onigashima with orochi’s procession during which she would have been able to cover a lot of ground while most of the beast pirates were partying or drunk.

    2.- It is entirely possible that the person who treated the scabbard’s wounds is not the same as the likely fake oden. As in, someone treated the scabbards (time travelling toki?) and then someone else showed up (kanjuro). Unless there is any indication that there can only be one person with the scabbards.

    On a slightly different note, it’s rather weird that the scabbards are at a treasure room and it just happens to be completely unguarded. Why does kaido not have some security at a treasure room? I don’t think the ongoing war is a reason for that. And based on the beast pirate reactions a few chapters back it does not appear the room has any special security.


  3. It also could be sarutobi the oniwabanshu ninja who’s ninpo is illusion(genpou). I thought at 1st it was fukurokuju using illusion but I looked it up and since his is earlobe cracker I guess it’s not. Also didn’t see you mention the use of captains for the ninja and samurai. Which I think basically let’s us now the named members are basically officers of there related groups like how most of big moms kids are officers of there crew.


  4. I have a feeling the reason Kizaru cutting his nails was because provide samples for Vegapunk to put lasers on Pacifistas. I can’t wait to meme “Vegapunk use Borsalino’s nails to make lasers!”


  5. yup, I agree that they are 2 different people. the one is a lady (most likely Hiyori, or perhaps Toki). and the other one is a person who can transform. my first guess it the fox, Onimaru. but after your explanation, yeah, we don’t know that he could transform other than Gyukimaru. although it would be great addition if Hiyori and Onimaru can join together.

    I forgot about Kanjuro’s loyality. if he loyal to Orochi, then it’s possible that he hate Kaido for killing his master. that’s why he decided to assist the 9 scabbards. other possible motive is that he already done his role as “spy/traitor”, so he could create another unknown role now. but again, he’s peculiar character. he’s not someone who can be trusted to become an ally or a friend. most likely he’s just trolling Kinemon and just want to mess things up.


  6. If it is Toki, is it possible she has some sort of power to project the past? Almost like a movie of Oden when he was talking to the scabbards 20 years ago. The only thing we have seen the Toki Toki no mi do so far is time jump, so having other more tangential time powers is a possiblity. I think the most likely scenario is still an ink clone, but it’s somthing to think about.


  7. At first i though it might be some trap with a yet unknown Orochi’s power (since i believe he’s alive). And that Oda would pay us back with a Toki being alive fact. (completely seperate one) I like this be a power of Hiyori, i wouldn’t really mind him being alive too though.

    I can’t wait for Chopper’s “I’m not a tanuki” scene in the anime. Just imagine, you calling this adorable thing a “tanuki” and later he transforms and speaks to you in his freakish monster point’s scary voice saying “I’m not a tanuki” !!


  8. How did Oden survive? The mountain god (or it’s baby) strolled by the execution site and eat some Oden. That belly has some weird properties after seeing all the villagers come out unharmed.

    Side theory that I’ve been sitting on:

    Toki can only Travel forward in time, But her power is never fully explained like “can she only jump on increments of 10?” “Does she move only to pivotal moments in time?” After her speech she looked hurt but not fatally wounded. But just like you pointed out, the “thud” sound might not have been her falling dead. Instead, it could be her moving forward in time. I think She moved forward in time and Encountered the battle of Marine Ford because it was a pivotal moment. She found Ace and knew she had to save him. Because she understands how her power takes her to Important moments. Luffy got saved from a similar injury and was in a much worse condition to begin with, so it’s possible.

    Shanks helped Toki save Ace but carried on as if he died for Luffy to take on his dreams more seriously. The next time Toki is introduced Ace is gonna be with her having had plenty of time to train up and be on par with sabo and luffy.

    The only thing that hurts my theory is the fact that Aces devil fruit was at dressrosa. But we don’t know how devil fruits work so there could be a simple explanation for how to lose it without dying. After all you don’t even have to be alive to eat one…

    Blackbeard’s even showed that the devil fruit can be specifically removed somehow…


  9. idk how accurate the translation is, but in eng, just before oden dies, “toki, momonosuke, hiyori… i shall be the first to leave!”. open to interpretation.


  10. There’s one extra consideration. Oda made very clear parallels between Roger, Whitebeard and Oden and Luffy, Ace and Sabo.

    Aaaaand Sabo is unexpectedly alive.


  11. So what about its indeed the Mane Mane no mi and thats the way Oda will tell us that Mr. 2 is dead.

    Or what about Kanjuro just made a copy of Oden in the past and Kaido just killed a copy of Oden. So Kanjuro would be a traitor traitor.


    • Mr.2 is in the 5.5 floor of Impel Down, he would need to escape, go 20 years in the past, touch Oden, and go 20 years in the future again, just for us to see him as Oden for whatever reason?

      Why, and how a Kanjuro draw would lift all scabbards and stay for 1 hour in a boiling oil?


  12. In chapter 972, Oden tells Toki in a letter that if he may die, she were to use her powers. He says this after talking about the great war that would happen 20 years in the future. I think this is it guys, she used ir right here to help the Scabbards. Don’t know about this Oden though hehe but it’s probably from the same time.

    Thanks for the awesome reviews, Artur!


  13. You’ve mentioned damage consistency in the beginning… But did you see Oden breaking the door on one page, but standing near an intact door on the next page? My Idea was that this was like a hologram sent by Toki to send Scabbards some sort of message from Oden, but after him interacting with physical objects this is unlikely.


  14. I like to think of it in a panel based theory.
    In the two scenes before Oden appeared, we saw Momonuske transform into a dragon and the Cp0 talking about artificial fruits. When I read it I thought that was an odd choice for paneling. But maybe you could think that Oda redirects the idea of artificial fruits. Maybe there are more artificial fruits out there than we could beliefe. And maybe the current Oden before us has some kind of connection with artificial fruits.


  15. Ok, this chapter was amazing because Chopper saved the day in a badass way… Wish Chopper would inspire doctors throughout the world to find an effective cure for Covid-19…
    Meanwhile the final of the very same chapter left me confused like never before. I don’t know what’s goin’ on… So far I’m prone to believe in two possibilities:

    1) Oden is actually Kanjuro’s drawing. In this scenario I don’t see Kanjuro coming to redeem himself (remember that he beat Momo cold-bloodedly). I’d rather expect from him something cruel and dark.

    2) This one is more optimistic. Onimaru and Hiyori teamed up and both came to Onigashima. Hiyori helped Scabbards but she decided to not reveal herself. Instead Onimaru showed disguised as Oden (maybe to gain their trust or to uplift them?). If this second one is real, so how did they come to Onigashima? Did they sneak on one of alliance’s ships?

    Really, this chapter’s title should be “WTF?!”


  16. i think Catarina Devon theory is likly possible. Beacuse BlackBeard may want to get involved and he also has had former connections with WhiteBeard pirates.. he also has intel sources being an Emperor.


  17. i think Time Travel and stuff can always pave way for Oden and Toki to appear, although the situation is conmlicated, when there’s a will, there’s a way.
    its also possible that Kanjuro is repenting and is controlling these paitings to help the scabbards since he’s ashamed or his decades long betrayal to even show his face or somethong like that…


  18. there’s also possibility its actually Oden’s ghost/spirit.
    that would make sense since we have seen supernatural activities in One piece sometimes..

    “So Toki and Oden ghosts may have appeared as a result of the Fire Festival.. as believed in some of the culturea.. maybe Fire Festival and the situation of wano have menifested oden and Toki..
    similar to how Merry spirit appeared in sky island and water7”


  19. The theory that most appeals to me, even if unlikely, is that this is the real Oden, and that Toki somehow gained the ability to temporarily send somebody forward. That would explain how the prophecy of 20 years was made – Oden took part in the final battle himself. And it would also create a great tragedy where, after the battle, Oden had to return to his own time, knowing that he would die there. That seems like the sort of tragic emotional payoff that Oda would like.


  20. I never doubted Chopper would just save “I COULD have helped against Kaido but I DIDN’T” Hyouseless.

    Nice to see Chopper land that slap on Queen though. Actually with Chopper not having to cook up more chemicals, maybe him and X.Drake can team up on Queen. (Also Apoo should join in and sneak attack Queen at the first opportunity at this point. I mean what does he have to loose there anyway? The moment Queen gets any upper hand, hit him with a sound attack!)

    That way Marco could focus on King for a while. And I think Chopper + X.Drake and Apoo and these Yakuza types and all the minions SHOULD be able to at hold Queen for a while and do some damage, right? I don’t think Chopper, X.Drake or even Apoo (Who has taken a bit of a beating, but got back into it.) would just all be quickly one-shotted.

    But buh buh powarlabels! I hear the tierhumpers barf. And I think to myself… once again, for the rest of eternity, this isn’t DBZ, their powers aren’t all a factor of how much chi-magic you can control. OP chars work more as though they have stats and very FEW characters, even if they are powerful have damage reduction. (Kaido and Big Mom are more of an exception then a rule in the OP verse.) So Queen… basically is like a very large, very strong, high HP tank with build in guns and tricks. But unless he has more disease bullets (And he could.) Or he has some crazy cyborg abilities (Which he might) he’s a fairly straightforward opponent. You cut him, he bleeds. He just can take a lot of cuts. (And I guess his cybernetics might have SOME damage reduction, but who knows.)

    Queen doesn’t have any haxy abilities like Katakuri or Cracker. Or if he does have hax, it’s tech based, but alot of it seems to be cannons and guns in his mouth, so he’s not a very COMPLICATED opponent. The trick is just be aware of the abilities he has displayed and well… fight back. Even if Team Chopper were to lose, they shouldn’t be completely ineffectual… Because again… not DBZ. If Usopp or Nami were protected from Queen’s long range retaliations and kept at a safe distance from Queen, they could do damage just fine. Queen can just probably take a ton of it.

    Honestly the main exceptions I can think of of people who did succesful haki blocks are the original three admirals and Doflamingo (Against Baby 5) But Queen doesn’t seem that heavily haki based. I’m sure he can USE it, But it’s not the crux of his fighting style, and it’s not a free ability. (Luffy’s G4 drains his stamina and ability to use it for a while.) So with Queen, I think he probably relies more on having about the biggest HP tank of a zoan you COULD get.

    I dunno, I hope Chopper keeps fighting Queen for a while honestly. Powerlabels-shmowerlabels. The fandumb massively underestimates a lot of characters anyway and thinks their monster trio fanon is a massive for realsies plotpoint. Even if Chopper’s gonna lose the fight, he could at least put up a good one right?

    OP certainly never was one of those ‘Let’s all just wait for Luffy and cheer him on’ series. Luffy’s crew is USEFUL! And sidecharacters are often useful too.

    As for Oden, I’m going to guess Kanjuro’s drawing, Kanjuro’s not dead yet. I’m not even completely convinced he’s a bad guy so much as actually insane (And very confused.) Though with OP I think morality doesn’t factor in that much as to what a character does anyway. (OP characters are more GOAL driven. (Which is why for example, I never doubted that Aokiji IS in fact BB’s tenth Titanic Captain. (Just for his own reasons, rather then BB’s.)

    Kan’s goals probably make sense only to him. But a guy who can make his imagination come to life and who CAN make drawing clones of himself could fake his death very easily.

    Actually if Kanjuro decided to switch sides for some reason that makes sense to him, I wonder what’d happen if he drew several dozen Kaido’s. Aaah things we’ll almost certainly never see…

    Ah, also if Toki’s still alive, she really screwed poor Hiyori over, didn’t she? Momo less so… But eh… I guess TOKI… I don’t like the idea of her basically doing a widow immolation in spite of still having kids to live for. But Oda certainly does seem to like his characters not actually dying, whilst still SAYING they died, doesn’t he? It’s a bit much sometimes.

    Toki though… Should have just helped Oden fight Kaido. Toki sends Kaido a few seconds in the future, and Oden cuts his head off when he reappears disoriented. 😉 (You see, that’s why a lot of these paramecia’s are EXCELLENT when used correctly.)

    I mean honestly if I had Kidd’s power, I’d have defeated Kaido the moment I had a grip on him, because I’d have railgunned him into space pretty much. Go be invulnerable somewhere else! (I’d have also magnetic’d his kanabo to make him hit himself in the face) I dunno, maybe he’d fly back from space as a dragon… So maybe just railgun him back into the ground too. See if he takes damage if he falls from much HIGHER then a cloud island at a much faster clip. You could always repeat it a few times. (No reason to loosen your grip right?) If nothing else you’d think he’d get a severe concussion (or worse) from his pregnable brain rattling around his impregnable skull.


  21. Okay. You guys noticed the name of the chapter? Now remeber the df of Tama’s teapot. Inu Inu no mi. Dog dog fruit. Type tanuki. XD


  22. It could also be Brulee using her powers to get hiyori/toki inside the treasury room and then transforming into Oden for some reason using the mirror mirror fruit…


  23. i think next episode would involve some badass fights.
    Strawhats and other SuperNova and their crew, these guys are likely to use new and tricky moves and put on a show.
    i think Luffy, Momo, Chopper, Prospero, may get some highlights in the next chapter.
    Luffy might have recovered a bit now; Momo will definitely be wanting to fight himself (with his fruit being highlighted); Chopper getting a good start aginst Queen (just like how 9 Scabbards had a good start with Kaido) .
    i suspect Law and Kid’s crew may get a bit of better screen time… Kid and Law’s crewmates may be given a bit of focus.
    Also Law hasn’t shown a proper in move in combat recently, maybe this time he will..
    i think Oden and/or Toki theories will have some time to be proven or disproven since this may be left at a stalemate for a while and the next few chapters..
    also the recent chapter has suggested that Prospero is going to be a headache for someone but that is not necessarily only Marco.
    perhaps Prospero may end up freezing a whole lot of people from both sides with his abilities, perhaps his Awakening.


  24. Oden as the final boss.
    Hear me out guys, what if the story about Oden, which told from his followers’ point of views, was not entirely the truth. Oden having travel with Roger to Laugh Tale, saw the void century, and ….perhaps he also has a glimpse into the future. Hence, he was able to predict the upcoming 20 years battle, and as Kaido said, whoever won this battle will be taken a major step in becoming Pirate King. Remember, when Roger reached laugh tale, they could not do anything about it because it is too early. Now, Oden is at the right time.


  25. I appreciate the extensive knowledge/research information you put for Chopperphage Nebulizer. I thought it was cool and cute, but knowing the extensive of the feat he’s doing in this part is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that!


  26. I am going to go with time travel shenanigans, that those swords are his swords, and in the end he travels back in time knowing he will die because he has to face it like a man for his honor or whatever. I have a much crazier theory that I will hold onto for the moment, but that is way more likely if this is plays out in the way I describe.


  27. Mr 2. no way, not only is he imprisoned but the likelihood that he ate the fruit and somehow touched Oden before his death is odd and unlikely.

    Devon also unlikely; why heal them first? Why cry over it? No reason to think she is at all familiar with Oden.

    Onimaru can transform (to what extent we don’t know) and would help, I know it’s not popular but I think this is the simplest explanation. It appears when he transforms there is smoke on the ground, there is also smoke on the ground when we see Oden here.

    Also, the spies mentioned ten people in the room which I think is also an overlooked detail specifically mentioned. That means there is definitely one additional person in the room. Then “Oden” can be explained as:

    1. Not a person (e.g. an ink clone) but definitely a physical manifestation since “Oden” opened the door.
    2. Actually yeah, two people, but the other appeared later or only one appears at a time.
    3. The same person transforming or appearing as “Oden”

    However it really being Oden and Toki makes sense too. The smoke mentioned prior does appear when Kin and the others are shown arriving in the future. It could be explained as dust from their fall, or that could have been added in as a detail to throw people off.

    In at least one translation (and maybe others, I don’t know) Oden does tell Toki when he is awaiting execution that if he ever dies he would like to use her power. We don’t know the extent of what her power was, so perhaps she does have the ability to send someone forward temporarily. After all, Oden has mentioned there WILL be a big battle in 20 years as he is certain of it but says Wano MUST open not that it WILL open. Ergo, he knew the battle would happen, but didn’t know the outcome.

    It’s possible going forward temporarily means the traveler will die, hence Oden saying he would like to use it if he dies. Also why Toki went out in the open where she would easily be killed instead of trying to survive.

    As for an ink clone it’s obviously plausible but the intentions are unclear. Kanjuro dying offscreen is very lame and anti-climactic. Whether this is his doing or not I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

    Did he have a change of heart or was he always a double-crosser? If the latter, then why? He has obviously hindered the alliance prior. If the former, then how? Maybe since he said he would find Hiyori since he knew she was alive perhaps he did and that is who we saw and she somehow changed his mind. Who knows? Why did he draw crappy birds to send to Orochi when he arrived in the future when he could have drawn good ones instead that he knows wouldn’t be spotted? Doesn’t seem like a detail Oda would specifically backtrack on. Did Orochi know Kanjuro could draw well? And why did he appear as some weird ghost-like creature before Orochi?

    So I feel like Onimaru is the easiest explanation, but least satisfying even considering the improbable explanations.

    Toki’s powers are very unexplained and cryptic. Losing a Void Century survivor with no (as of yet) accounting of their experience seems like a waste. This possibility is so open it could be theorized any number of ways. Their reappearance would make for an emotional scene, but for Toki to show up and leave for Oden to take her place and have her never say a word seems odd.

    Kanjuro also makes for a reasonable explanation especially since it seems he was underutilized and also very much unexplained. It would be nice to see him redeemed, he seemed very confused in his youngest flashback and wants more to die the martyr than to live on as a betrayer, but maybe he really did find purpose and forgiveness.

    Well I hoped I could make it clearer for myself at least by writing it out but I don’t think I came any closer to even deciding for myself which theory to go for. I think I may lean to Kanjuro though.


  28. Hmm, I had a lengthy reply but it seems it did not show up. I was going to amend that but I’ll do it as a new one instead.

    First off, at this point whomever it is would be anyone’s guess. If Oda laid out clues beforehand it’s doubtful any of it can be substantiated (if anyone has even caught on to the clues), everything at this point is speculative but hey that’s the fun. I find it hard to advocate for any single theory but Onimaru, Kanjuro or Toki-Toki seem the most plausible, with the latter two feel like they’d be more rewarding in the narrative (cause who cares about Onimaru).

    I did dismiss Devon entirely cause “lol y tho” then I thought about it a bit more. How could she possibly be there? For what reason? How does she know what Oden looks like? What ties it all together is Gecko Moria.

    Moria knows what Oden looks like (Oden even had the beard when Moria fought Kaido, so he would know that detail and perhaps be able to convey it to Devon), he knows how to get to Wano, he would want more than anything have Kaido killed for revenge. It could be just he and Devon that infiltrated Wano, just like Burgess infiltrated Dressrosa alone.

    Why help Teach though? Revenge is probably not enough, especially not when they supposedly killed Absalom. Maybe he “broke” Moria, maybe it simply is enough, maybe he is offering him even more, after all he did invite him to join him, maybe they didn’t really kill Absalom, who knows.

    What does Teach get for it though? Moria’s loyalty perhaps, and/or the chance to get Devil Fruits he wants like Orochi or Kaido.

    All speculative, but if you factor in Moria you can justify the Devon theory a little more.

    It’s all fun to guess anyway. For all we know we are all wrong and no popular theory prevails in the slightest. We will see, whichever way it goes it will likely be rewarding and clever on Oda’s part as always.


  29. Tanuki in Japanese folklore is master of disguise and shapeshifting. That why this chapter are full with transformation! Chopper, Momonosuke and Oden-like. It’s definitely that Oden-like is not real one but something/someone transform to him.

    What more interest in this chapter is parallel between (Queen create) Ice-oni and (Vegapunk create) artifact Devil fruit. Why Vegapunk declare it’s failure to WG? We can call that experiment successful (with some side-effect). He might have some thought like Chopper ideal ‘medicine should used for sake of healing’. WG might use that knowledge to control the world in very bad way. (Wonder what will happen if WG found out that he lie to them?)

    I interpret Ice-oni is dark side/evil thing in everyone heart.Many people can’t control it and spread some bad ideal about everything (like Donald Trump). But those who can control wisely, it will bring something extrodnary to this world.

    Chopper once state ‘i will make cure for stupidity’. Event it’s just a joke for Sanji/Zoro but now he really create something that make some people smarter. (Kaido underling now switch side because they know the truth about Ice-oni)

    And last one is Chopperphage that remind me of Sakura tree at finale of Drum Island. It’s not the same look but the same ideal that Hiluluk want to cure people stupidy with miracle.


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