Hello! I’ve received many requests and suggestions over time to open up a way to support me. It was something difficult to think about at first, since I felt that it wasn’t my right to ask people for money, but the incredible generosity from people and the open acceptance of this has allowed me to ease myself into doing it. With all this support, I’ve been able to dedicate a lot more time to my work here and take this job more seriously, which has helped the library thrive and the quality of my content to improve.

By supporting me, you can help improve the content of the library as well as help me dedicate myself a lot more to it, even a small amount can make a big change. And for those that are not capable of supporting me monetarily, don’t worry, I still appreciate any kind of support, even if it’s just being there for me 🙂

Patreon: You can support me by donating a set amount monthly over at my Patreon, obtaining some special rewards:

Paypal: If you wish to support through a single payment, you can also do it through paypal at my e-mail: