Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1008 in-depth analysis

The answer to the mystery of the mysterious Oden has been revealed! But with that out of the way, the original mystery that was overshadowed by this new mystery still lingers… just who is that figure?



  1. i feel like yamato may get to clash with Both Kanjuro as well as Orochi in the coming chaptera, which is because Both Kanjuro and Orochi are expected to clash with and attack Momonosuke.
    i have noted that Yamato is one of the few characters this Arc who got to clash with a vast number of characters and some of these are Actual big shots like Luffy, Sasaki, Ulti, etc..


  2. i observed closely on the mysterious character that arrived prior to fake Oden’s arrival at the Ayakaza9 location.
    top possibilities include Toki, Hiyori, Kinemeon’s kid or some charachter not focussed on or they exist but not formally introduced yet.
    the Ayakaza reaction was of seeing a ghost (impossible character) previous chapter, so i would bet on an actual ghost or shomeone unique.
    if not an actual ghost of Toki or someone, then it can be Kinemon’ s kid who looks like kinemon, Kinemon’s wife Otsure, Hiyori mistaken as Toki due to similar looks, Pedro, pr some past notable figue of Wano (perhaps wife of a Daimyo ).
    i keep my point of ghost included because the firefestival is dedicated to the dead as well as recent exposure to Blackmaria’s Yokai theme, so an actual ghost appearing could be seen
    i also think this person may have previously met Law and that is why law planned to transfer the Ayakaza to the specific location and he rushed to the roof.


    • As I was going back to all the major characters not yet formarly introduced, I had a feeling the mystery person could be Scopper Gaban! Look, he has that protuding hair and doesn’t it make any sense if atleast a member from both Whitebeard and Roger pirates join the war for their fallen comrade? Marco is here. So why not Scopper Gaban?


  3. I quite suprised that Oda did not show Jimbe vs. Who’s Who in this chapter. Normally he will show every SH’s fight before cut back to Luffy. But this is very intersting because we can assume it’s just only half of it!

    What we already have so far…
    – Nami & Usopp vs. Ulti & Page One
    – Franky vs. Sasaki
    – Robin & Brook vs. Black Maria
    – Chopper vs. Queen (for time being)

    What we can expect after this chapter (Executive fight)
    – Jinbe vs. Who’s Who (this guy might be strongest Flying Six)
    – Sanji vs. Someone (might be Jack)
    – Yamato vs. ????
    – Queen vs. ????
    – King vs. ????
    – Perospero vs. ????
    – Oroshi vs. ????

    Wano fight still long long way to go.


    • This title chapter ‘Atamayama thieve leader’ is quite thoughtful. We all know it’s refer to Asura Douji. But it’s also refer to Oroshi and Kaido as well. (Both of them are thieve leader who stole Wano Country.)

      Oda make intersting parallel between Oden assume revival and Oroshi assume death then reveal the truth at same chapter. (As well as Kanjuro assume death.) Oden is already death but his will still alive. (with Scabbards) While Oroshi dream is already end (by Kaido betrayed) but he still alive. That why theory about Nine Red Scabbards vs. Oroshi is very good match. (Zoro vs. Oroshi will probably not gonna happen.)

      History cannot change, Oden already death! That why Robin appear in cover page. And she making horse flying might have hidden meaning to SH’s gonna help Wano Country’s dream come true.

      And Kaido hybrid happen to show in this particularly chapter. This might means Wano’s fight had already reach middle mark! (They also talk about separate Big Mom and Kaido. It’s also might means this chapter is separate first-half and second-half Wano’s fight.)


  4. Oden was Kanjuro’s construct, and beheading a hydra like char doesn’t work, no surprises there. Let’s face it, with Oda you can’t be sure Pedro is actually dead, because Oda just doesn’t kill his characters much.

    Also, as I said often, Luffy is not the chosen one, Momo is. Luffy is meant instead to guard him.

    Otherwise… Inu will defeat Jack, always bet against Jack, after all!

    Sanji went to try and find Momo and will meet the scabbards and Tomato along the way. Denjiro will meet Sasaki along the way, en Franky and Sanji will accompany Tomato to the hall and square of with King and Queen. Marco will have been defeated.

    Tomato and some nova’s will go to the roof to help. Apoo and Hawkins will betray Kaido, and Drake will join too.

    Kaido will also savagely beat Tomato and give luffy a righteous rage power up


  5. I don’t think the word HELL was an impel down reference.

    We have seen Luffy launching himself towards the yonko and immediately being sent flying back. He does that many times too. Perhaps, being to hell back and forth could have been referring to this(the hell reference being how Killer addresses the duo).


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