Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1006 in-depth analysis

Things are looking dire for our girl Carrot, but I want to believe she will pull through! Here’s hoping she gets back up again in the following chapters!



  1. Great article!
    I was also wondering about a role of Mt. Fuji in this story. Onigashima seems to be pretty close to Wano’s capital. It’s probably because of “Princess Mononoke” (and few things I learned about japanese folklore) but I thought for a moment: “What if this Mount Fuji turn out to be a daidarabocchi (daidarabotchi?) which will grab a flying Onigashima?” Well, we shall see.
    Personally, I doubt that Hyougoro will die… I have a feeling that somebody will rescue him.


    • Haha I just love that almost all the Yokai from Nioh have showed up so far in this arc
      And that was a really fun boss, so I’d be stoked to see it appear


  2. Thanks for the analysis Artur! One small thing I noticed- each of the flying six’s hair colors match up with the rainbow! (Red/pink- Who’s Who, orange- Drake, yellow- Black Maria, green- Sasaki, blue- Ulti, purple- Page One)
    It probably won’t come into play at all, but it’s still a neat detail!


  3. i believe hyogoro will not die, because tanuki san will come up with the cure just in time.
    And maybe Drake being featured in the cover is a sign that he is a double (or is it triple?) agent ?


  4. Hyougoro is the worst.

    I’m a useless old man! No wait, I’m a haki master who can oneshot gifters!

    I’m a mobster! But Sukiyaki was such an inept ruler that my relative benevolence actually provided some amount of structure to my crappy country… Which I think was some sort of honourable paradise!

    And I COULD have helped against Kaido, but I didn’t! Because I’m Hyuseless!

    Chopper’ll probably save him, but if Hyou dies, he dies honestly. Can’t say I’d care.

    Also can the Tomato fans stop bashing Carrot? Her getting beaten up doesn’t mean she’s out for the count. Usopp often has gotten the shit beat out of him and came back. Sanji got the shit beat out of him this very arc (And also by people like Kalifa in the past) and he comes back. Luffy has gotten the shit beat out of him and made a comeback. Franky lost against three executives and a vice admiral, but he got back up. Zoro’s been completely fucked up by people like Daz Bones (And worse still by Mihawk,)

    Carrot’ll make a comeback I think.

    As for Tomato… I think between the overt hype for a character that currently hasn’t done enough to warrant it, the fact she’s been claimed as Transgender whilst the plot suggests she’s instead a little crazy from isolation and abuse. (Since she’s OBVIOUSLY not actually Oden.) and ESPECIALLY the fact Tomato fans bash Carrot all the time increasingly makes me dislike Tomato.

    I realized recently that if Kaido kills her for defying him and that gives Luffy a rage boost necessary to defeat Kaido I wouldn’t even terribly mind. And that’s not really Tomato herself, it’s her fans.

    I swear, OP is fun (usually at least, and certainly now that the action part of this arc has started), but the fandom was always trash, with their stupid tierhumper monster trio bullshit. And now this nonsense with Tomato.

    Ah well, not Oda’s fault. (Characters like Rebecca and Shirahoshi or Hyougoro here… THOSE are Oda’s fault. XD)

    Anyhoo, Marco… He’ll go down, a sneak attack from Pero will probably be the beginning of the end for him. I suspect Pero was once a Sweet Commander and lost his status due to losing a fight with Marco.

    Still, Marco does show the inferiority of (non-mythical) zoans quite well. First off… Both King and Queen have gadgets. King was shown to have guns under or build into his wings and Queen is a cyborg. Their fruits alone can’t hack it. All Queen gets out of it is very high HP and mass. And all King gets out of it, is being able to fly (Since a pterosaur shouldn’t give that high a HP boost, being fragile, like a bird (for the same reason (hollow bones and all.)

    Mythical Zoans, Paramecia’s and Logia’s all grant powers. And whilst a handful of paramecia’s are letdowns (Like Kinemon’s fruit) most Paramecia’s get a decent power at least (And some get outright fantastic ones, like the Quake or Gravity fruit. (Or ones that’d be amazing with less inept users. (Alvida’s friction removing fruit could allow you to basically push someone and they’d go flying off at near lightspeed due to having no friction until they collide with something.)

    Kaido is an idiot, obsessing over a class of fruit that only gives you more muscles. Powers are superior. All the strength in the world is useless if you can’t land a hit. And if Marco was the sort who used slashy or piercy attacks, King and Queen’d be far more fucked up at this point. (Because sure, they can take getting physically knocked around or through a wall or two. Buuut…)

    Of course since Marco’ll probably still be defeated, I’m kind of hoping for Franky to find some way to ditch Sasaki, And for him and Sanji to unite and take on Queen and King respectively. Surely the SH’s need the BEST Cyborg and Flying Guy.

    Since Jack is back up, the Scabbards can get back up. And since Sasaki wanted to square off with Denjiro. Maybe Kinemon and/or Inu and Neko can take out Jack and Denjiro can take out Sasaki.

    That’d be awesome. Sanji can show off the flying abilities of the raid suit, and Franky can show the full power of the shogun against another cyborg.

    Sure Oda can choose not to do it, but then essentially he’d not do what would be the most awesome with two of my favourite SH’s.

    Not to mention that people always bash Sanji nowadays for his personality, and that these stupid tierhumpers consider Franky weak tier trash no matter how much evidence to the contrary exist. Having Sanji kick King’s ass and Franky kick Queen’s ass might not make everyone love them, but at least they’d get a little more respect right?

    Bonus points if Franky and Sanji are part of the cavalry to let Luffy recover later in the arc and Franky manages to drive his bike over Kaido too. XD

    Also apperently BB was saying he was going to go after something the MARINES had… I kind of was hoping he’d show up at Wa too, but he might not.

    However… with CP0 and X.Drake being there now I wonder if the Marines will show up instead.

    I still think Kaido’s going to die, and Akainu’d be a fine guy to finish him off. (We might even get an exhausted Luffy trying to attack him because he killed Ace and getting into some serious trouble.)

    I also think Big Mom’s kids are a bit of a chekov’s gun. Let’s face it, if the battle is narrowly one, and everyone is half dead and then these guys show up, still fresh to fight, that too is a problem.


  5. I think Chopper will be the one to finally defeat Perospero.

    General Chopper seems like he’s almost ready to distribute the cure (he’ll probably save Hyogoro in the nick of time) and join the fight just as Perospero enters the main hall.

    Chopper was being turned into candy by Perospero when Pedro saved him with his sacrifice, so Chopper has almost as much motivation to take down Perospero as Carrot. (Brook was also there, but Brook is currently on the 3rd floor of the castle with Robin)

    Chopper is similar to Perospero in that both are constantly underestimated even though both are integral parts of their crews, and Chopper never used Monster Point on Whole Cake Island, so that will be a big surprise to Pero and the Beast Pirates.

    Chopper’s bounty has been a joke forever, and Perospero thinks that Chopper is a pushover who he has already defeated on WCI, so Pero will underestimate Chopper or think that Chopper needs the full moon to transform like one of the Minks.

    Finally, there’s no way Oda doesn’t have “Cotton Candy Lover” Chopper defeat the Candyman, he’s Perospero’s natural enemy lol.


  6. Wait, you think Perospero is more worthy, as in stronger, than smoothie? I am inclined to agreeing that Perospero is quite in the series overall pecking order though to me it sounds like a stretch that he could potentially defeat on his own what amounts to top 3 commanders in a yonko’s crew. At least so far all yonko crews have had their top 3 commanders who have a special place among other commanders, either officially (say, calamities) or unofficially (marco, jozu, vista). I suppose if we consider the flashback with the roger pirates and the whitebeard pirates then perhaps Whitebeards other, older, commanders deserve more credit than I usually give them (who the heck fought Rayleigh at the time?).

    On another note, I just can’t see the topo robi being comparable to other yonko commanders. They just seem… lackluster. Other yonko crews seem to have more solid executives outside their top 3.

    Carrot was definitely above her paygrade here. Frankly, to me it’d be quite weird if she managed to pull this off even with her sulong form. I don’t think Perospero is necessarily top 3 yonko commander material but he is definitely a monster and very possibly the fourth strongest in his crew. He could very reasonably be a bigger threat than Snack. Add to that, back in Whole Cake island carrot’s sulong form didn’t last too long. I suppose she could have improved since then but even then it’s at best an uphill battle for her. If Perospero takes more damage I could see carrot taking the chance to finally avenge Pedro.

    Another bit I found odd is how marco fights haki wise. Back in marineford we never saw hardening but going forward it became clear most fighters worth something are not only capable of it but use it regularly. So now we have marco, a brawler, fighting King and queen and still not hardening to be seen. Even if making the case that Marco forgoes defense thanks to his fruit it’s weird to not take advantage of the potential benefit of hardened phoenix claws. Or just simply avoiding damage since his regeneration seems limited. Sure, Marco is a top tier combatant in the series that has even Big mom’s respect (unlike her children surprisingly) but it kinda looks like his combat is all over the place.

    Another bit that surprised me here is Marco’s fire actually having offensive capacity. Clearly it behaves nothing like regular and even seems to have the capacity for some sort of concussive damage. Before we had only seen Marco use it to heal others and “burn” Prometheus… Overall Marco’s fire just seems bonkers, for lack of a better word.

    Yeah, I don’t buy hyoguro dying… My question is whether he will retain his strength once he is cured.


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