Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1005 in-depth analysis

This chapter just keeps solidifying why Onigashima is one of the best arcs in ages for me. It gives so much spotlight to not just someone like Luffy, but even every single one of the Straw Hats! We’ll be exploring quite a bit of that today, so let’s get started!



  1. It seems that Brock isn’t only a good match for Black Maria because if his freeze ability but also for the similarities he share with her weapon wanyudo “the soul taker” (which according to the mythology was a daimyo) so it is the soul king vs the wanyudo ,excited to see how this play out (I got the mythology info from the translator note from the unofficial release)

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      • Haha I just love that I’m familiar with all these Yokai because of Nioh/Nioh 2 haha.
        All of them appear in it

        But seriously man, SO stoked robin finally gets a fight
        I was like 13 during Skypeia when she had her last one hahaha


      • What’s just so funny to me is people’s ridiculous comments that Nami was referring to Enel last chapter talking about needing stronger means she NEEDS ZEUS BACK..not that randomly Enel will return from the moon, and help..? So bizarre


  2. Great analysis as always! I also think Sanji’s cry for help served 2 more intended purposes:

    1. To make the allies aware of the enemy spy communication. We see both Usopp and Yamato take notice to them. It’s important for the allies to know that they are being watched, so tactically its important to make this reveal.

    2. To save the Azayaki 9. On the first page someone mentions about needing to finish off the Samurai, and later on we hear that Black Maria is in communication with Jack who is heading that way. Last chapter Sanji was also there when they were spotted by the Marys. I think Sanji, knowing he was already in a bad match-up, knew he had to get out quickly because he needed to save the Azayaki 9.

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  3. When explaining the Joke with Momonosuke and Yamato, there’s a bit of casual transphobia I’m sure you didn’t intend there. Yamato doesn’t just see himself as a man, but rather is in fact a man.

    I Enjoy that you respect Yamato’s Gender and pronouns. I just think maybe that part could be worded better.


      • I’m just sticking by what Artur’s video about Yamato’s gender was trying to communicate. Even if this were the only way to interpret what Yamato said it would still not make the statement “Yamato is a man.” false.


      • Actually, this is the better video. Joffrey posted a video that knows less about what it’s talking about and is lest respectful about identity as a whole anyway. Having your identity be related to someone doesn’t wouldn’t even invalidate someone being trans.


  4. Chapter name ‘Devil Child’ already use once around chap 391 for introduce young Nico Robin. And that chapter Robin slap bad kid with her ability. (It’s did not show in panel but it’s very look alike.)

    Although chapter name definitely refer to Robin, Katakuri in cover page also can be refer to devil child.


  5. Robin and Brook are also an effective narrative match for Black Maria and her yokai retainers due to their thematic opposition:

    – Robin is a beautiful woman who loves creepy/ugly/macabre things
    – Brook is a creepy, macabre thing who hates scary stuff but loves beautiful women


  6. Nice analysis Artur, thank you!

    On the fight, I really hope that it will be only Robin vs Black Maria, without Brook.
    If Franky gets a one-on-one with Sasaki, who was portrayed alongside Who’s Who as the strongest Tobbiropo, then I don’t see why Black Maria needs two Strawhats, both not from the self-proclaimed weakling-trio, not defeat her.

    On another note, I do not understand power rankers, who say that Sanji or Jinbe can defeat the Disasters. You have to remember that even Luffy struggled a LOT with both Cracker and Katakuri. Katakuri has a bounty slightly higher than Jack, whereas Queen and most likely King have a much higher bounty.
    While both Sanji and Jinbe could make the Disasters have to use their real power, they would be certainly defeated. I excluded Zoro from this list, as his abilities are still a black box.

    You might counter that the bounty does not necessarily reflect the power of a person and yet, it is a good approximation.


  7. Aaah, zoans… I think unless you’re dealing with mythical zoans, they’re the easiest devil fruit users to defeat.

    Because zoans honestly just have some physical boosts. And that’s it. Zoans are stronger, faster and can take more of a beating then… that same person without a zoan. So unless you get an animal with additional abilities (Which Oda almost never really uses beyond maybe flying animals.) You don’t have anything that great.

    When one point that out people are always ‘But Lucci!’

    And I’m always, what about Lucci? Lucci + a powerful Paramecia (or any Logia) is vastly superior then he is with his leopard fruit. Even the Kilo Paramecia (Which is inferior to the Ton), would make Lucci deadlier then his leopard form, simply because he could put significantly more force into all his attack by increasing the mass of his attacks. All those finger gun and slash kick moves would get a gigantic mass boost behind them and be massively more destructive.

    It’s kind of funny to me that Jack saying the Scabbards are to strong for the Flying Six is taken by some people as indicating there’s a big gap between the Calamities and the Flying Six, but I read that as Jack wanting personal revenge on Inu, Neko and Raizo and the Calamities and Six having a rivalry, with some members of the six jockying for their position. (And perhaps able to potentially do it too! (In the sense that if Jack had to fight for his position against Who or Sasaki and he’d win, he wouldn’t have an EASY battle at all. (Nor a garantueed victory. If he’d win, he’d be a tough victory. (Even if the odds might favour him somewhat, it wouldn’t a 9/10 thing either.)

    But still zoans… Fact is, whilst I’m not sure yet about King, I think Katakuri probably actually could take Jack and Queen at the same time, provided they didn’t start right on top of him. Since neither Jack or Queen QUITE has Kaido or Big Mom’s strength, Queen is the only potential threat due to his cyborg abilities, but Kata’s haki powers should compensate easily for that.

    Sure Jack and Queen clearly have far more brawn then Kata… it’s just they should not be able to land a hit on him. They’d get bogged down in ridiculous amounts of mochi, and whatever Queen tries to do for ranged attacks would be sensed ahead of time by Kata. So all the brawn in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t USE it!

    Now to counter Kata, you either have to be overwhelmingly strong (like Kaido), to fast for Kata to react, have a useful devilfruit matchup. (Even a relative weakling with Akainu’s fruit would burn through Kata’s mochi easily.) Or have haki abilities able to match Kata and a strength around, on or exceeding his level.

    Jack and Queen almost certainly are physically stronger then Kata… But that alone isn’t enough.

    Which is ultimately why (non-mythical) zoans are simply the weakest opponents (Along with a few crappier non-combat paramecia’s) far as devilfruit users go.

    (Mythical Zoans tend to be excellent though. (And have actual POWERS, rather then only having statboosts.)


  8. I’ll call Yamato a her, like the vast majority of fans, but I also respect others calling her “he/him”, despite not agreeing with them.

    Since I saw some confusion in the comments again, watch this video from Ohara about the whole Yamato topic. He explains it perfectly:


  9. Jewelry Boney is the shadowed figure in Wano that was looking at Robin and Jinbei. It’s been long enough since the reverie for her to get there. Now she’s rolling back the clock on these old samurai.


  10. Biggeest plot-twist in One Piece Wano arc.
    1- There are hints that shows Zoro might kill Kaido.
    2- Kaido is NOW aware of Enma in Zoros hand.
    3- Kaido goes to kill Zoro with his hybrid form.
    4- Luffy remembers Aces death and to prevent Zoro from getting killed by Kaido, Luffys awakening is triggered.


    Luffy gets mad and for the first time he kills his opponent in a brutal way. Kaido gets a dogs death by Luffy, Big Mom flees the scene just as Kaido mentioned about “allies that flees when your losing”. Wano ends.


    • I say the triger to gear5 (or awakening) when the skull island that floating will crush the flower capital with many wano people may die.
      So the skull island will become a rubber and bouncing or something


  11. The chapter was awesome. And nice analysis as always.

    I just don’t get what Kyoshiro did all these years serving Orochi.

    I thought that he would have so the information about Tobi-roppo’s devil fruits and information about the surveillance system of Kaido.

    If the alliance knew that they could have first taken out the Marys for good and saved time by deciding who should fight who in the battle.

    Not that it always goes according to plan but the Marys seem like a pain in the a** for the alliance right now. He could have atleast warned them to take out the animals or people with the eye. 👁

    Also all the tobi roppo might be using atleast armament haki i guess. We have to see if Maria can use it as well and if she can, how robin fights against her.

    Looking forward to the next chapter. As there are no other diversions left. I guess we might see Kaido’s hybrid form or the silhouette figure in the next chapter.


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