Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 12 (all the new information!)

Even though I’m in Japan, these were a lot harder to find than I thought. But anyways, this is the final set of the first wave of Vivre Cards! Though while these might be over, more cards will come in the future, so stick around for those!


Patreon thanks <3 new.png




  1. Great job, man. I discover your work recently and were fascinated with your knowledge. In a few days i read it almost every article you wrote, and even if i read weekly One Piece since the Sabaody Arc, i discover it so many things. Congratulations on finishing the Vivre Cards. Hope they do more in the future.


  2. WTF!? So Oven and Daifuku,two “monsters” of the BMP,has a smaller bounty then then Pekoms?and
    Mont-D’ors is smaller the Nico Robins? LOL


  3. It’s just sad next month won’t have Vivre Card. I hope it will release soon. Still waiting new magazine. Thank you so much for this information. Thank you keep it up.


  4. Wait, you mean to tell me that Pound wasn’t presumed DEAD in this Vivre Card? (Unlike the ones we know for a fact are dead)


  5. hahaha okay.. Carmel liking lamb meat, as a child slaver, is just too goddamn funny hahaha, great ironic symbolism there. Streusen is old as shit, you could ascertain he was at least 20ish when he met kid Linlin but I didn’t know he was that old
    Morgans liking popcorn since hes a bird is pretty funny too
    The rest is interesting, the older BM sons being born on random boats and ports is just too funny


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