Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 12 (all the new information!)

Even though I’m in Japan, these were a lot harder to find than I thought. But anyways, this is the final set of the first wave of Vivre Cards! Though while these might be over, more cards will come in the future, so stick around for those!


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  1. Great job, man. I discover your work recently and were fascinated with your knowledge. In a few days i read it almost every article you wrote, and even if i read weekly One Piece since the Sabaody Arc, i discover it so many things. Congratulations on finishing the Vivre Cards. Hope they do more in the future.


  2. WTF!? So Oven and Daifuku,two “monsters” of the BMP,has a smaller bounty then then Pekoms?and
    Mont-D’ors is smaller the Nico Robins? LOL


  3. It’s just sad next month won’t have Vivre Card. I hope it will release soon. Still waiting new magazine. Thank you so much for this information. Thank you keep it up.


  4. Wait, you mean to tell me that Pound wasn’t presumed DEAD in this Vivre Card? (Unlike the ones we know for a fact are dead)


  5. hahaha okay.. Carmel liking lamb meat, as a child slaver, is just too goddamn funny hahaha, great ironic symbolism there. Streusen is old as shit, you could ascertain he was at least 20ish when he met kid Linlin but I didn’t know he was that old
    Morgans liking popcorn since hes a bird is pretty funny too
    The rest is interesting, the older BM sons being born on random boats and ports is just too funny


  6. I’m a few years late, but I still want to reply! Thanks you very much this databook has a lot of interesting information that is worth paying attention. So I feel like throwing my random thoughts sorry for the length of my brick. I don’t know if this will be read but I felt like sharing it.

    What I find the most amazing about this databook is about the Vinsmoke siblings. I always find them fascinating. I will be trying to stay objective.

    So Reiju was really meant to be an emotionless solider at birth and the most interetesting part about it is that she was inititially like her brothers, born with no empathy. My point is that if Reiju learned how to express emotions by her mother, this could mean that even her brothers could learn and develop more complex emotions somehow. (because if you pay attention to some details they are not emotionless, their behavior sometimes show otherwise. They do have some emotions but not empathy or mercy etc.) The modifications seems to make some emotions dormant, but not gone. If we follow that logic, This means if educated or stimulated properly they could slowly unlock these emotions like Reiju (but at a much slower pace than her)

    Of course, at 21 years old it’s going be a lot harder than if they were still child, they have 21 years worth of harsh education behind the belt. The brothers idealise Germa 66’s legacy and their father since they were young, they don’t want to disappoint him and they want their father to be proud of them and that trait is still present. So if Judge doesn’t make a change in his behavior toward his sons (by this I mean threathing them like soliders) and if he doesn’t allow them to feel emotions they won’t have any change.

    Even so, in the event of WCI, This is no secret, but somehow, since Sanji rescued them it seemed like something slowly started to grow within the brothers, not a change of heart that would be too much, but respect for Sanji. When they rescued Sanji and Luffy, this made even more sense knowing that they can somehow unlock emotions. Niji giving Sanji a raid suit also seem to be a attempt to connect Sanji to Germa. Their behavior speak a lot more than their words and that’s even more obvious with the recent cover story of Germa 66.
    Despite calling Reiju weak when she was injured and not wanting to help her, Ichiji rushed and wasted no time to free his captured brothers at Cacao island, even if that was reckless. This shows that his bond with his brothers his stronger than their education , in a real crisis Ichiji doesn’t seem to care about these beliefs anymore he just want to free his brothers for his personal needs and to save Germa 66’s honor. Where I am getting at, is that even if these are very minor changes in their personnalities, the Vinsmoke brothers seems to be slowly changing a little. I’m not saying they will be fine men in 6 months, but in a distant future (like 10-15 years maybe) they might actually be more human-like. (This might take less time if their Father change first , but I highly doubt it)

    This is of course based on my observations (and my obsession) of the Vinsmoke siblings


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