Chapter Secrets – Chapter 951 in-depth analysis

I’m finally in Japan! By pure happenstance I even managed to find this chapter at a book store before it was even out. Japan is such a bizarre place!

One Piece Chapter 951 1One Piece Chapter 951 2One Piece Chapter 951 3One Piece Chapter 951 4One Piece Chapter 951 5

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  1. in regards to the Shinobu wanted poster, that’s actually not her. if you look back at the fight by the prisoner gallery chapter Hiyori was trying to keep her hood on but in turn did Shinobu’s signature pose, so then everyone though it was her and that she still looked the same. so in a way, Hiyori was spared thanks to mistaken identity.


  2. Great analysis. Didn’t get it the foods on the color cover. Hoping that Mimawarigumi appears more (specially that guy that looks like a statue).


    • Orca guy is Shachi. Shachi translates to Orca in English. I’ve been wondering why the translators didn’t keep writing it as Shachi for a while xD


  3. All of my colleagues are calling me crazy for saying that king is big mom’s son, due to the translation of the source through which I read one piece. Can you please look into this.


  4. you forgot to mention that big mom was recruiting king just like when shanks was recruiting marco. big mom was given food, whitebeard was given drinks. both marco and king are flying ancient zoans.


  5. King’s wings being white in the anime opening was an error that has since been corrected. They’re black.
    His wings also don’t match any of the three known lunarian races… The closest comparison is the Birkans, but their wings are much shorter than King’s.


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