Chapter Secrets – Chapter 950 in-depth analysis

Sorry for being a day behind, but I had a plane flight yesterday. With that said, in only four days I’m going to Japan! It’s so close! And this is the 150th edition of Chapter Secrets! What a momentous occasion!!

One Piece Chapter 950 1One Piece Chapter 950 2One Piece Chapter 950 3One Piece Chapter 950 4One Piece Chapter 950 5

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    • Thanks Artur!! Have a nice trip! The kanji written on the grave is “Namo Amitabha”, which is a phrase for meditation in Buddhism. But I dunno if it is a tradition to have it on the tombstone tho.

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  1. What a great analysis as always. By the way, when you are hoping that there will be another scene in reverie, I hope Oda-sensei will show us the aftermath of battle between the revolutionary and the admiral, and I hope at least Oda-sensei will show us Rokyugu


  2. Kikunojo doesn’t want Momo to say “snatch” because throwing out one’s name is not befitting for a noble.


  3. I wish you had started with the project CSs in Punk Hazard arc,like this you could have talked about what was showed of Monet. Because i becamed really interested in her in that times.


  4. I don’t think Luffy would like to team up with Drake, since he completely destroyed Tama’s village. But we’ve seen the Strawhats, when in extreme tough situations, teaming up with bad people before, like Caesar.
    Enjoy your trip to Japan by the way, and thanks for always be coming up with high quality content.

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  5. Arthur i am your fan, i wanna request you a big idea, to do a diagram of division of marine, no like the wikis, a diagram that incluid all marines, named or no named, i let to your criteriam to do the ranking but you are very reliable


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